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Bat Chicken's Collection
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 Posted: Tue Aug 26th, 2008 08:33 pm
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Bat Chicken

Joined: Tue Aug 26th, 2008
Location: Muskoka, Ontario Canada
Posts: 9
Tarot Collection:
1JJ Swiss (1973)
All Hallows Gold Wing
Ananda Tarot (English)
Ancestral Path Tarot
Ancient Egyptian Tarot (Barrett - signed)
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy
Animals Divine Tarot
Animal Wise Tarot
Aquarian Tarot
Archeon Tarot (signed)
AT ATC Tarot (Majors Only)
Blue Moon Tarot
Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Chinese Tarot
Da Vinci Enigma Tarot
DerJen Tarot
DruidCraft Tarot
Egyptian Tarot (mini)
Fantastic Menagerie
Feng Shui Tarot
Gaian Tarot (Majors only)
Garden Path Tarot (Majors only)
Goddess Tarot
Greenwood Tarot
Haindl Tarot
Ironwing Tarot (78)
Jackdaw's Tarot (amazing!!)
Llewellyn Tarot
Lover's Path Tarot
MAAT Tarot
Mantegna Tarot
Margarete Petersen Tarot
Mary-el Tarot (Majors only)
Minchiate Fiorentine (il Meneghello)
Minchiate (Williams)
Original Rider Waite Tarot
Osho Zen Tarot
Pythagorean Tarot
Quest Tarot
Runic Tarot
Sacred Art Tarot
Sacred Circle Tarot
Shakespeare Oracle
Shakespearian Tarot
Shapeshifter Tarot
Shining Tribe Tarot
Sola Busca
Soprafino (Il Meneghello)
Tarot of Dreams (glossy and matte)
Tarot of the One Thousand and One Nights
Tarot de Marseille - Dodal (22) Flornoy
Tarot de Marseille (Hadar)
Tarot de Marseille (Heron)
Tarot de Marseille - Noblet (78) Flornoy
Tarot de Paris
Tarot of Prague
Tarot of Transformation
Tarot of the Four Elements
Tarot of the Secret Forest
Tarot of the Spirit
Thoth Tarot (purple box USG)
Thoth Tarot (USG large edition)
Ukiyoe Tarot
Victorian Romantic Tarot (Gold ed.)
Visconti-Sfroza Tarot
Vision Quest Tarot
World Spirit Tarot
Xultun Tarot

Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards
Celtic Oracle
Celtic Shaman's Pack
Celtic Tree Oracle
Druid Animal Oracle
Druid Plant Oracle
Faeries Oracle
French Cartomancy (Lenormand)
Goddess Knowledge Cards
Green Man Tree oracle
Medicine Cards
Mystical Lenormand
Oracle of the Dreamtime
Piatnik Lenormand
Sacred Path Cards
Tao Oracle
The Way of the Horse
Toltec Oracle
Universe Cards
Victorian Flower Oracle
Wicca Pack

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 Posted: Tue Dec 2nd, 2008 09:20 pm
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Joined: Mon Dec 1st, 2008
Posts: 14
I share one particular deck in your collection. I thought you might be interested to know that a new zealand psychologist Michael Owen has recently written a book about the 1976 Xultun Tarot Codex deck in your collection.

Also of interest The Fool Card and the Warrior card have an image of Mount Taranaki, subtly hidden in them, this was actually the birthplace of Peter Balin and was his way of signing the cards.

The mountain has quite a history (see below). If you check out Kahurangi books offered through http://www.tuitui.co.nz/codex.html or http://www.kahurangi.net.nz  You can read all of chapter one for free at:


Peter Balin was born near New Plymouth, New Zealand. Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont is near there. An artist, he travelled widely and by the mid-1970s was living in Los Angeles. Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont is active but quiescent volcano in the
Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. The 2518-metre-high mountain is one of the most symmetrical volcanic cones in the world. Because of its resemblance to Mount Fuji, Taranaki provided the backdrop for the movie The Last Samurai.

In 1865 the mountain was
confiscated from Māori by the New Zealand Government under the powers of the New Zealand Settlements Act 1863, ostensibly as a means of establishing and maintaining peace amid the Second Taranaki War. The mountain was confiscated despite clear evidence it was unusable for farming and otherwise uninhabitable. The mountain was returned to the people of Taranaki in 1978 by means of the Mount Egmont Vesting Act 1978, which vested it to the Taranaki Maori Trust Board

In 1977 Balin published a companion book to the deck called The Flight of Feathered Serpent. Around the same time period 1975 Frank Water published Mexico Mystique - which was the book that first interested John Major Jenkins in his eventual mayan and 2012 research. The symbols in the 22 arcana in his deck are well described by Michael Owen and until I read his book I wasn't as interested in the deck or the book Flight of Feathered Serpent. I now think it deserves more attention. If you know any interesting stories about either the deck, book or peter balin I'd be glad to hear about them. Regards, Kevin

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 Posted: Wed Dec 3rd, 2008 06:55 am
3rd Post
Bat Chicken

Joined: Tue Aug 26th, 2008
Location: Muskoka, Ontario Canada
Posts: 9
Wow! Thanks Kevin...
I have looked into the book, it sounds fascinating and if I can find a way to afford it I will get it - I am way over my book budget for the year! LOL!

I find the connection between Tarot and Depth Psychology worth more study and having done the course on the Noblet with JMD and having read O'Neill, the timing of this is just perfect. I recently ordered a few other books on the subject of Tarot, psychology and individuation in general as well as Renaissance philosophy. My winter is filling up! LOL!

My original attraction to the deck was in how the majors assembled into a single image. I have Flight of the Feathered Serpent and found it really interesting and will now have to go back and look at it again in light of recent discoveries.

I wonder if some of Owen's inspiration to connect the this Tarot, the culture it draws upon and Jung comes from no other than Julian Jaynes bi-cameral mind theories? - His controversial book is suggested reading in the back the Feathered Serpent. Owen references the likes of Casteneda, and Andrews in the Ch 1 PDF, so the alarms of the critical mind are set off a bit. The jury is still out for me on the storytellers of the seventies and whether they were trying to pass off fiction as fact, or simply pass on a teaching through narrative. No doubt an issue that reflects the cultural divide! Either way it sounds like an interesting read... I am always fascinated by the examination of similar messages across cultures.

Thanks so much for the head's up!

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 Posted: Wed Dec 3rd, 2008 05:34 pm
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Joined: Mon Dec 1st, 2008
Posts: 14
Hi there is a quick correction to what I said earlier, its the "Fool and Sorcerer" "not Fool and Warrior" cards that end up making the Mount Taranaki image.

I'm signed up to do the online version of the Jean Noblet with JMD in March 2009, I met JMD once quite by chance and took a sacred geometry workshop with him - I admire his knowledge so I was excited to hear he is offering an online course.

You wrote "I wonder if some of Owen's inspiration to connect the this Tarot, the culture it draws upon and Jung comes from no other than Julian Jaynes bi-cameral mind theories?"-

I haven't read Julian Jaynes, so I'm not sure. I think that Michael Owen had several experiences with Native American type elders through his work and he liked the symbols and ideas in Peters deck, and he knows Peter Balin on personal basis, although I'm not certain Peter is still living. I think Michael wrote his book to weave his own knowledge of psychology with the archetypes of peter balins deck. Michael references Casteneda in his own book in ways that assume the reader already has a good grasp of the particular Casteneda ideas. Same with Jungian ideas. Its a great read though as he points out all the details in the cards and connects the structure in a way that really added to my understanding of the deck. 

I'm aware of Castaneda, Jung but not much of a follower so I struggled with some of those parts of michael owens book. I find some ideas very outdated in Peter Balin's book, yet at the same time he was one of the people who helped popularize these mayan mythologies in the 70's which as we near 2012 have much more relevance. It is those links that keep me going back and forth between his 1976 deck and 1977 book and comparing ideas to what appears today.

You may also enjoy this review of the higher arcana of the Xultun deck. Cheers.

Xultun Tarot Card Review


By Cindy Hnatyshyn

June 21, 2007

The Fool:

The tiger in this card represents earthly conquest, of which the fool is just beginning. His headpiece and items in hand represent his spiritual conquests and the tools of experience he has accumulated along the way of his journey, and hence they are minimal to begin with. He is depicted as standing barely at the base of the mountain, again representing that he has just began his ‘climb’ in this world and that his spiritual awareness has nowhere to go but up. This represents an individual journey on which everyone has their own tiger to face in order to reach a heightened clarity and more peaceful way of living. The position of zero and corresponding planet of Uranus relate to the goal of Oneness that the fool is facing, where everything is of itself and has zero value. Uranus rules personal revolution, which the fool is embarking on solely with the most basic human function of breath. He is located at the bottom of the hierarchy, as is the paddler shown at the back of the boat.

Meditation: Taming the Tiger

The Sorcerer:

The sorcerer stands at the end of the tiger, implying that he has come beyond the material world with its distractions. He stands on the other side of the mountain, having experienced both its peaks and summit, therefore learned the feeling of balance. His spiritual knowledge, connectedness and the skills acquired while on the journey are abundant now, as represented by his elaborate headpiece and the tree in his hand which was once just a flower. The fact that he is holding the tree in his hand symbolizes the peace he has gained over his life. The paddler in the boat is now at the front, meaning the top of the hierarchy. The gold vase by the top of the mountain also represents the material distractions of this world, which he has successfully moved past. The position of one is a literal representation of the Oneness that the sorcerer has achieved, with the planet Mercury ruling the communication he has now with the universal dimensions. Intellect is what he has attained now.

Meditation: Unification

The Priestess:

This card denotes a sense of ancient history, as the priestess is reading from a scribe of written notes. This relates to evolution and timelessness within the female’s energy. The black and white colors denote good & evil, ying & yang, hence balancing. The position of two and the Moon represent fairness, balance of all things and female intuition. The function of memory is mental yet intangible, so this is very much relating to information of the Gnostic nature.

Meditation: Balance

The Warrior:

This is a card of action, depicting also control and restraint. The black and white tigers represent good and bad qualities which we need to harness and know when to put into action. The warrior reflects dictatorship, yet male fragility comes through as emotion with leadership/aggression. That is also confirmed by the representing Cancer sign and function of speech which is very reactive. Because this card represents both action and emotion, the tigers symbolize the challenge we face to control our emotions and reactions – Harnessing the Tiger within us. The position of seven symbolizes activity of investigation and analyzing, hence the warrior taking charge of a situation. To do so takes practice, as the warrior represents not fighting but patience.

Meditation: Patience

The Hanged Man:

In this card, the hanged man is tied to both a tree, symbolizing life as we know it to be, and a crucifix-like stake, symbolizing the Christ-consciousness. Anyone who connects both of these aspects into their existence on Earth has felt, at one time or another, this persecution by society. The hanged man is being persecuted for seeing the Big Picture, and he is hung upside down to represent how society views his beliefs – hence, not right.

The indigo line of color on his waist represents his connection to the other side, for indigo is the color associated with accessing one’s sixth sense. (example of Indigo Children) The information provided by your sixth sense is knowing why you are here. Many spiritual leaders were crucified for holding true to their beliefs, once they discovered their purpose on Earth. Relatedly, the planet Neptune rules those who are abandoned by society, visionaries, and the act of persecution. The position of twelve represents the idea of reincarnation, which is a belief that truly must be overcome by the limitations of the mind in order to grasp.

Meditation: Vision

The Star:

This card is all about personal freedom. The pouring water depicted represents flushing away, hence purification of the self. The symbolic female energy relates to Aquarius and water. The freedom implied is through letting go of material connections and seeing that all we are or have been birthed from is the essence of the Universe – as illustrated by a galaxy of stars in this card. The bird and woman are facing East, which denotes facing the origin of the sun, origin of life. Our origin is completely non-material, as stars are nothing more than potential for light, as are we potential for this same enlightenment. The water is equally symbolic of this, it represents the Source, birth and fertility. Everything is created from potential, and light potential of this star refers to the ability we have to connect to our inner-self then thus our soul and the universe. This is often facilitated by meditation, among other things. The position of seventeen denotes rebellious energy, which we would need in order to free ourselves from limitations of material and the mind. The amount of rebellious energy we have is parallel to our potential for reaching a state of Oneness.

Meditation: Light Potential

The Consort:

This card represents our natural desire in life to seek out a partner. It is responding to human instinct, which the purpose is in finding a partner we find someone to mirror ourselves. Our partner being a reflection of thyself is integral to reaching a more objective state of self-awareness. The major sections of yellow in this card denotes the emotions of joy, cheerfulness and optimism, relating to how we sometimes feel when we have found this connection. The position of three represents our primal need to feel valuable and worthy, which, unfortunately we have become adept to seeking such validation in others more so than ourselves. The planet Venus rules social interactions, relations, attraction and love. This is a natural reaction to our human experience.

Meditation: Soul Mate

The Cactus:

With this card, appearance is deceiving. When we think of a cactus, we often focus on the potential for pain experienced with its sharp needles, but really it is the epitome of true love of self and the strength to endure the harshest of elements. True love requires an awareness of balance in one’s life, and constant maintenance of this. A cactus remains balanced while enduring extreme temperatures of hot and cold, through the least favorable of situations. The green color of the cactus represents the heart chakra, and thus is the color of love and healing. The position of eight denotes protection, and the quality of power when faced with challenges. Leo is an emotional sign, which also represents the strength of the lion. The function of taste as we experience it as humans, comes in extremes also – salty/sweet, spicy/sour, etc.

Meditation: Balance

The Deadman:

Shrewd & stubborn, the Deadman walks over the remains of others. The orange/red tones of the sky behind him signify strength and courage, as well as a strong connection to Mother Earth. This card symbolizes a connection felt to those who have passed on and stirs up issues for the purpose of closure and resolution that one may have already thought were ‘dead’. The position of thirteen represents looking for purpose, and often finding self-identity in one’s purpose this personal significance. The sign of Scorpio rules those who are willful, passionate and convicted. The Ally functions as strong intuition of the ‘other side’ and can bridge the gap between those living and dead.

Meditation: Conviction

The Moon:

This card represents cleansing and transition. The blue hues represent female energy, harmonizing and neutralizing energies. The green represents regeneration and healing. In the illusion, the blue water falls beneath the moon to extinguish the flames of the volcanoes. Moon controls the tides on Earth and all water for purpose of extinguishing-flushing negative energy that we all face for the sake of balancing. The volcanoes represent geographical planes of ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. This card calls upon you to create self-responsibility to take care of, or neutralize, a situation using your own intuition as the Motherly Moon does. The position of eighteen represents stable, calming energies (“peace of mind”), and parallels the sign of Pisces, which is gentle and patient. Sleep is the necessary function for absorption by the unconscious mind, and is needed to process properly all that we experience in a day.

Meditation: Regeneration

The Ruler:

This card represents the top of the hierarchy. It suggests issues revolving around one’s personal hierarchy. The Ruler is quick-tempered and egotistical, yet remains an authority over people and animals, as depicted in the illustration. He represents segregation of oneself, forceful and masculine energy. The number four position reflects expressive and dramatic energy, as the sign Aries represents enthusiasm, people of action and natural-born leaders. To be a leader, one must have a vision, which becomes their driving force for discipline and action. Naturally, the relating function of this card is sight.

Meditation: Vision

The Sage:

In this illustration, the tree is as tall as the Sage, meaning you are only as good as your knowledge. The window represents the doorway to the universe, and there is an emphasis on air, since it is center in the picture, reflecting its necessity for creating fire. Fire represents creation and survival, and the Sage within all of us guides our inner passion (fire). Be aware of the opposites in this picture, high/low, fire/air, good/bad based on the Sage’s hands pointing in opposite directions; meaning that the Sage has been called to guide you and should you follow this you will experience challenges, chaos, tribulation all for the higher purpose of spiritual clarity. The number nine represents understand of self, and the sign of Virgo represents an appreciation for order and being observant. Touch is the main function of connecting with others, and has the ability to put anyone at peace.

Meditation: Spiritual Guidance

The Temperate Man:

This card reminds us to first love thy self, then others. It symbolizes beauty, flow, acceptance and love. The rainbow reaching the flower depicts a stimulation of growth, and the Temperate Man represents one who is at ease with himself and others. It implies good outcome of a given situation and compatibility with the environment. The position of fourteen carries intensely alive energies, and being fully connected to self and others. Similarly, being ruled by the sign Sagittarius means one has an optimistic outlook on life. Vibration represents the ability we all have to communicate on all levels to all things.

Meditation: Unconditional Love

The Sun:

All elements are depicted in this picture; the trees represent earth, water is in the top left, air in the top left of the card and the sun (fire) in the center. This unification of elements represents the spiritual unification that takes place for an individual on the set path towards higher understanding of the universe. It can be facilitated by first connecting with the element you are drawn to, for many people this is the water element. The position of nineteen represents accomplishment and the Sun planet symbolizes the necessity of light in one’s life. Energy is the corresponding function, placing emphasis on expansion of oneself, enlightenment and vitality.

Meditation: Enlightenment

The Priest:

The Priest card symbolizes conformity, discipline, tradition and old-fashioned thinking. The Priest enjoys his private time and space. This card calls upon one to overcome Priest-like self-righteousness. In the illustration he wears a triple crown and a leopard coat over him, camouflaging his true nature. This is very symbolic of illusions that people use, their religion to cover actions, or the actual animal – the leopard – which stalks its prey alone. There are seven heads depicted in this picture, including the symbolic triple crown of the Holy Trinity. This relates to the seven charkas of the body which need to be in alignment and balanced in order to manifest into true-self awareness and let go of all illusions. The position of five represents concentration and the five human senses, as well the sign of Taurus represents obedience. Hearing is the function which can be used to listen to lessons in life, from various dimensions of consciousness and then the responsibility to share them. Priests take this into different way and use it as their right to advise others with their own opinion.

Meditation: Manifestation of Self

The Wheel:

All kingdoms are depicted in this card, the animal kingdom below, aviary above, the dragon represents the aquatic kingdom and the face in the middle of the wheel represents the human kingdom. The yellow tones of this card represent expression of life. This card illustrates that we are all ruled by spiritual laws, and is something one can learn with experience over the course of a lifetime. The planet Jupiter rules potential for growth on all levels of being, as the position ten represents dutiful work and self-growth. Learning is the compatible function of this card, which is the accumulation of knowledge through experience.

Meditation: Accumulation

The Bound Man:

The bond of male and female energy is represented in this card, with the Kundalini energy depicted between them. It represents the inner awareness we all have of there being more to this world that that which we see. As we are ‘bound’ to the Source, investigating, understanding and living in harmony and recognition of this will set you free. The snake above represents diving knowledge, and the source of the rope is coming from the above red color, representing primal energy, passion and extremes. The position of fifteen is associated with the knowledge that we are only bound by Earthly illusions, and the sign of Capricorn represents the extreme personality, and seekers of knowledge and wisdom (to set one free). Out of this personal freedom comes mirth, or joy.

Meditation: Personal Freedom

The Planet Venus:

The Planet Venus card represents female energy. It denotes a sense of the Earth as it was in early history. We come back down to Earth, like the dragon, over and over again (Samsara) for the purpose of fulfilling our karmic responsibility. This is the Earth’s calling to us. The dragon symbolizes water as nurturing and mystery. The position of twenty represents one’s desire to be needed and appreciated, and the sign of Pluto rules over historical-generational energies. The awareness function corresponds to the female energy which the Planet Venus card represents.

Meditation: Karmic Responsibility

The Lovers:

The purpose of human nature in finding a partner is to find a reflection of ourself. We are seeking a reflection of ourself. The Lovers appear to be holding what may be a mirror, for just this purpose. She approaches the unity with her intuition, and he approaches with action and results of that action all around him, represented by the items around him. The Lovers card represents the coming together of two people, bringing reflection and thus awareness to hormonal, psychological, spiritual and sexual dimensions of each person. The position of six represents loyalty and elicits strong emotion. Gemini dominates intellect, and curiosity, and the function of smell relates to how we attract others physiologically.

Meditation: Reflection of Self

The Balance:

The body armoring worn in this picture symbolizes a fight for justice, where the result is ending one chapter and the beginning of a new one. The steps in this picture represent the various steps towards finding balance in our life (i.e. the different phases we go through). The position of eleven represents this balance, and the decision to move onwards. The sign Libra is the ruler of diplomacy, objectiveness and impartiality. Again, the function correlating in this card is decision, the decision we make to fulfill justice.

Meditation: Phases

The Released Man:

The Released Man is released with the flow of red energy, meaning we are sent to our Earthly experiences with the deterrences-challenges of our primal instincts which have the potential to influence our journey and hold us captive to illusion and desire. The lightening strikes downt o Earth in sets of three, and implies that there are some people walking among us who truly are released, living through detached involvement, but they are as rare as lightening striking the same place twice. The Released Man represents the realization that all aspects of life, people, animals, plants, etc., come from a higher source. The position of sixteen represents drive of one’s ego, whereas the planet Mars represents stamina and physical energy. The function of release reflects the ability to ‘Let’.

Meditation: Surrender

The Planet Earth:

This card depicts life all around the Earth, connection, unity as represented by the trees; to create ‘magic’ in the caldron with the purple psychic hues. The trees on each side of the card are bowing to the immense power of global humanity, and thus implying that collective consciousness is far more powerful than individual. This is because at the highest level of consciousness, we are not individual but all part of one global consciousness. Harnessing this influences the world and planetary events, hence major transformation for the Earth. The position of twenty-one symbolizes connection and unity of all life-forms, and the planet of Saturn rules responsibility. Therefore, we must realize the responsibility we have as part of this global consciousness to influence the Earth positively. Doing so would be a perfect example of the function of integrity.

Meditation: Collective Consciousness

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 Posted: Wed Dec 3rd, 2008 05:48 pm
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Bat Chicken

Joined: Tue Aug 26th, 2008
Location: Muskoka, Ontario Canada
Posts: 9
Holy cow... You are an amazing resource...! We'll have to hook up again once I've had a chance to read the Owen's book, if I am able to get it. It will be fun to see what we can distill from it...

Too many cool books, too little time.... :)

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