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The Card Heterophony
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 Posted: Wed Sep 19th, 2007 06:31 am
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Recently received an anime-themed majors deck with the rather odd name "The Card Heterophony." Haven't been able to find any online reference to it.

It's 24 cards - the 22 majors and two title cards (one a unique design and one that duplicates the Wheel of Fortune). In the gamut of anime-type decks, it sits solidly between the older style of "slap an anime character onto each of 22 cards and add a tarot card name at random" and the more recent artistically intriguing decks like the Malkuth and the E'S.

Specifically, each card is definitely character-based (more knowledgeable fans that I will probably recognize the characters - they are, I believe, drawn from a variety of anime and game sources), but in most cases they include at least a basic reference to traditional tarot imagery.

Here are some of the cards and the card back.

The deck is credited to one Takashi Hashimoto. Some Googling turned up a Takashi Hashimoto who is indeed an animator, but with almost no character design credits apart from some of the incarnations of Welcome to Pia Carrot. The deck also presents the name as "T・橋本応援団" so I'm not entirely sure that it's the same Takashi Hashimoto (darn, I wish I read Japanese).

In the hope that maybe Hawkeye can help again, here's a scan of the back of the box. It appears to give some info for each of the cards (maybe where the characters are from?) and some credit info. The listed URL is out of date. The current one is http://www.yks.ne.jp/~l-mania/.

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