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53rdspirit Collection
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 Posted: Mon Apr 14th, 2008 09:56 pm
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Joined: Sat Apr 12th, 2008
Location: New York USA
Posts: 30
357 Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards

Albano Waite - Tarot Productions (Large Majors & Instruction Booklet)
Albano Waite - Tarot Productions (Accurate Color Tone)
Albano Waite - Tarot Productions (New Color Deluxe Edition)
Albano Waite - Tarot Productions (Accurate Color Tone) Mini Size 1.5 x 2.5
Albano Waite - U.S. Games
Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot - Samuel Weiser (Green-Tint)
Anna K. (Second edition)
Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud-beige background/green pattern backs)-1930/40?
Ancient Fortune Telling Cards /John Lenthall/ (Merrimack)
Ancient Italian Tarots
Ancient Minchiate Etruria (Lo Scarabeo)
Ansata Tarot
Aquarian Tarot - Morgan Press (Various Old Editions)

Bohemian Gothic Tarot Set
Book of African Divination, The (Spider Cards)
Bruegel Tarot
Buckland Gypsies' Domino Divination Deck, The

Cartomanzia Italiana (Solleone 1983) #604/2000
Cary-Yale Visconti Deck (U.S.Games, NY 10016)
Cary-Yale Visconti Deck (U.S. Games, Stamford, CT)
Classic Tarot, The (DellaRocca)
Cosmic Tarot (FX)

Dark Grimoire Tarot
Deck of Shadows Oracle Cards
Demeroticon - Ein Arkana Tarot (Dark Idol)
Deviant Moon
Druid Craft
Druid Plant Oracle

Enchanted Tarot, The

Flowers Tarot - Grimaud

Glow in the Dark Tarot
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
Golden Tarot of Visconti 22 Grand Trumps (Lo Scarabeo)
Grand Etteilla Egyptian Gypsies Tarot
Graven Images Oracle
Greenman Oracle
Gypsy Deck, The (Card-Sharks)

Hoi Polloi (2 sets)
Hornsteiner Astrological Tarot (Virgo..of course)

I Tarocchini Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (Dal Negro)
IJJ Swiss (U.S. Games, Park Ave, 10016) French Titles
Il Libro de Thoth Tarocchi di Etteilla

Joy of Relationship Cards, The

Konxari Cards

La Corte dei Tarocchi (D'Onofrio) #721/1100
Le Jeu Destin Antique(Antique Cards of Destiny-Piatnik)
Lenormand (Blue Owl)
Lenormand Oracle Cards (Gina Roberto)
Linweave Tarot (w/advertisements, etc.)
Londa Tarot

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
Medieval Scapini Tarot
Medieval Tarot, The (Christian Schenk)
Minchiate Florentine Etruria (Meneghello)
Minchiate Tarot, The (Williams)
Moon Oracle, The
Morgan-Greer (Black-Border & Borderless Editions)
Mountain Dream Tarot (Bea Nettles) 2001 (Second Edition)

New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

Oracle of the Dreamtime
Oracle of the Radiant Sun
Oswald Wirth Tarot

Persian Tarot by Madame Indira (Grimaud)
Phoenix Cards, The

Quest Tarot
Quick & Easy Tarot

Renaissance Tarot (Brian Williams)
Revelations Tarot
Renaissance Tarot (deck & book set)
Rider Tarot Deluxe
Rider Tarot - Fitzroy Square, London
Rider Tarot - Vauxhall Bridge Road, London
Rider-Waite-Smith - Pamela A
Rider-Waite-Smith - Pamela B (w/book & box)
Rider-Waite-Smith - Pamela C
Rider-Waite-Smith - University Books
Rider-Waite-Smith - Merrimack Publishing (New York)
Rider-Waite-Smith - Various Clones/China
Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

Sibilla Della Zingara (2000)
Slavic Demon Mythology Deck
Smith-Waite Centennial Edition Deck/Set
Solomon's 72 Spirits Deck
Soprafino Tarot
Spiral Tarot
Symbolon Deck

Tarocchi Durer
Tarocco di Besacon (Meneghello)
Tarocco di Della Rocca (Meneghello) #21/300
Tarocco Neoclassico Italiano -Gumppenberg (Solleone)
Tarocco Siciliano (Modiano)
Tarot-22 Large Major Arcana (Spain-Naipes Comas)
Tarot de Marseille (Piatnik)
Tarot de Paris -Dimanche (Grimaud)
Tarot Jacques Vieville
Tarot of Marseilles (Grimaud)
Tarot of Marsella (Round/Wood Box)
Tarot of Northern Shadows
Tarot of the Old Path
Tarot the Ancient Prophecy
Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
Thoth Tarot Cards by Aleister Crowley - Llewellyn

Universal Tarot Grand Trumps
Universal Waite Tarot

Victorian Flower Oracle, The (Magic Realist Press)
Visconti Sforza Tarocchi Deck x2 (Gutenberg Edition)
Visconti Sforza Tarocchi Deck, large (Meneghello)
Visconti Sforza Tarocchi Deck, small (Meneghello) 2002 #437 of 1000
Visconti Sforza Mini Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)

Waking the Wild Spirit (Poppy Palin)
World Spirit Tarot

Zerner-Farber Tarot
Zigeuner Tarot - Sphinx (Large Sized Edition & Book)
Zigeuner Tarot - AGMuller (1982, USG, NY 10016)
Zolar's Astrological Tarot/Fortune-Telling Cards

...and various decks of regular playing cards used for fortune-telling.

Edited for updating. :hp

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 Posted: Mon Apr 21st, 2008 02:01 pm
2nd Post
Demian Brennan-Gould

Joined: Tue Oct 30th, 2007
Location: Illinois USA
Posts: 294
53rdspirit wrote: Rider-Waite-Smith (Large/Miniature/Original/Pocket, University Books, 1910-Pamela A, other old & new editions (pre-copyright and after), some odd Hong Kong/China clones, etc.)

Hello 53rdSpirit!
Great collection, and fascinating alias (if truly it be such).
I'd love to compare notes sometime on the great variety
of various "Rider" decks~ and the differences in Quality.
Hope to see you around this wonderful forum, provided
by our amazing host, and thanks for an interesting post.
Meilleurs Voeux!
Demian Brennan-Gould
"The Fifty-third Spirit is Camio, or Caim. She is a Great President, and appeareth in the Form of the Bird called a Thrush at first, but afterwards she putteth on the Shape of a Woman carrying in her Hand a Sharp Sword. She seemeth to answer in Burning Ashes, or in Coals of Fire. She is a Good Disputer. Her Office is to give unto Us the Understanding of all Birds, Lowing of Bullocks, Barking of Dogs, and other Creatures; and also of the Voice of the Waters. She giveth True Answers of Things to Come. She was of the Order of Angels, and now ruleth over 30 Legions of Spirits. Her Seal is this, which wear thou, etc."

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 Posted: Thu Apr 24th, 2008 10:39 pm
3rd Post

Joined: Sat Apr 12th, 2008
Location: New York USA
Posts: 30

Last edited on Mon Apr 12th, 2010 07:23 am by 53rdspirit

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 Posted: Sat Apr 26th, 2008 03:16 pm
4th Post
Demian Brennan-Gould

Joined: Tue Oct 30th, 2007
Location: Illinois USA
Posts: 294
As much as I love the old Rider decks, it's quite disappointing to realise that since the first editions the quality has been steadily reduced, first the depth of colour, then the card stock, worse colour with lamination, and today... it may be bad manners to accurately describe what is being marketed as a Rider anymore.
A box of Cheese NIPS that sells for $2 is printed better. Junk mail is vastly superior. A self-respecting printer would never publish the way that has been increasing "acceptable" since the mid-1970s, with a zero-reject attitude, and quality out the window.
As an example, look at The King of Pentacles. Who ever would believe Pamela Colman Smith painted with such absolute disregard for how (and IF really) a particular detail might be coloured? The crown is lost in a smash of colour splotches, and bluegray dots pass for half the grapes. Sky and foliage alternate blue and green. And we see this on almost every card, in some way, shape, or form.
It would be a dream come true if a reputable publisher would engage a qualified artist to recreate Pamela's "Gouache, Pen & Ink" palette, go back to a before point in the decks creation, before Rider's printer converted the art to what suited their presses, and make a version of this wonderful deck the way it surely was, and surely it was nothing like it has been for so long.

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