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Hi all.  Arriving from the Boston MA area.  For the most part I don't "do
tarot" myself, but I'm here to help keep the community abreast on the life
path of a deck creator you may recognize:  Barbara G. Walker.  I'm her son.
She never had interest in getting onto forums and being visible to various
online communities, and has managed to stay mostly out of that class of public
eye, but with situations changing as they are nowadays I thought it would be
useful to relay her experiences and thoughts sort of "by proxy".

I will start a separate thread for the purpose, however; this is just to
let y'all know that I, or sort-of-we, are here for a while.

My own interests are distinctly more technical in nature, and I've put a lot
of info out there at  http://techno-fandom.org/~hobbit  as also reflected
in my profile.


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Thanks for showing up and telling us this (see your other thread.) Welcome to the forum. It looks slow - but sometimes cheers up when there are things up for sale !

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