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I have the following OOP &/or hard to find decks for sale (sorry no trades). Serious inquiries only please. Will ship within U.S only.

From a non-smoking household.
We have hairless cats, but they do not smoke either. 😸

One owner/my personal collection:

$75 - Aquarian Tarot Deck by David Palladini; published by U.S. Games Systems, 1990 edition with blue fish scale backs. Box has average wear, cards very good/like new. LWB is crimped at top of first page from where box folded it over.

$215 - Egipcois Kier Tarot Deck: 78-Card Deck by Stuart R. Kaplan; published by U.S. Games Systems, 1984 (ISBN 0913866237 - pre-barcode).
Box has average wear, cards very good/like new. LWB is crimped at top of first page from where box folded it over.

$200 - Lo Scarabeo Tarot of the Third Millennium (Tarot Card Deck)by Iassen Ghiuselev; published by Llewellyn Publications, 2000.
Box has average wear, cards very good/like new.


My personal collection, one previous owner besides myself:


$150 - Oh, Wicked Wanda! Tarot Cards by Lady DragonStorm; published by Lady DragonStorm, 2006.
Set of 22 Major Arcana, with 2 introduction cards.
Signed by Lady DragonStorm: #16/100 copies.
Cards measure approximately 12 cm x 7.5 cm.
Box does have crease across it, but cards are in very good condition. They do have the thicker laminate used on early Indie decks.

$75 - Shiseido Cosmetic Promo Tarot (22 Majors Arcana).
Cards measure approximately 8 cm x 5 cm.
A deck that was issued as a premium when purchasing Shiseido cosmetics, it looks like they were originally on a punch-out sheet, so there is no box, and they are not laminated. They were sent in a cellophane bag.
These are a mini deck that put me in mind of the Wise Gal Tarot.


Previously owned /more than one owner:

$120 - Legend Kit: The Arthurian Tarot---sadly it is now only the book and cards only.

The book is 'A Keeper of Words' by Anna-Marie Ferguson. Stated as 'Second edition. Fifth printing, 2000'. Spine is not creased. But there is a small bump on lower-righthand corner, and book laminate is creasing as indicated in picture with red arrow.
Cards do show wear on back , but show no wear to the front and are still in very good condition except for the backs (refer to pictures in comment section)

Missing are the box[es?] and spread cloth/spread sheet. If it came with a bag with the cards it is gone also. However, I will include a bag for the cards.


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Hello, I am interested in the Oh Wicked Wanda tarot cards.

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