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hello dear friends,i have a collection of tarot and oracle mainly acquired in the 90's and aremostly original editions , i would like to sell some games today , here the list

us games
-papus tarot deck 1982
-karma tarot 1983
-visconti sforza 1984
-The medieval scapini 1985
-barbara walker 1986
-the herbal tarot 1988
-The russian tarot 1992
-Tarot of the spirit 1992
-Tarot of the cloisters 1993
-The Haindl tarot 1990
-the flowers speak 1996
-Feng shui tarot 2001

AG muller
-Thot tarot (french version) 1986
-Ibis tarot 1991
-Kalanzar 1996
-Master tarot 1996
-iching Tarot 1999

Lo Scarabeo

-tarocchi universali sergio popi (n°1317)
-Tarot romantiques 1991
-Nefertari's tarots 1998
-le tarot egyptien 2000
-Le tarot du yoga 2008


-Il tarocco di sandro pipino (n°690) 1991
-xultun tarot 1976
-Cosmic tarot 1988
-The golden dawn 1991
-Le Tarot de Saint-jacques (100 copy)
-Engel tarot
-Tarot zen 1994

photo on request

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