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EGYPTIAN TAROT by Schwaller de Lubicz 1926
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 Posted: Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 03:54 pm
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I am very proud to present to you a wonderful Egyptian Tarot deck conceived by the French esotericist René Schwaller de Lubicz in 1926 or 1927.

Schwaller was an adept of the Theosophical Society and since a young age had been fascinated not only by the Tarot but also by Alchemy, Numerology and by the mysticism of Light and Fire, which he considered the most extraordinary instruments for the transformation of reality.
Among his many interests, he had a passion for the ancient Egyptian culture.

In 1922, together with some theosophical friends, Schwaller moved to Saint Moritz, a high Alpine resort town on the Swiss mountains. There they founded the Suhalia Scientific Station, where homeopathic medicines and works of art were produced, as well as experiments in alchemy and astronomical observations.

While was in Suhalia, Schwaller designed this Egyptian Tarot deck: 25 cards that his stepdaughter Lucie crafted in black and white.

The deck, composed by 25 cards, was printed for the first time in 1988 in a very limited number of copies.

A few years ago I picked up this deck and I decided to exalt Schwaller's work by giving the figures the right colours, drawing inspiration from the sacred paintings that can still be seen today in the ancient Egyptian temples.

In the companion booklet of the deck, 90 full-color pages, I recounted the birth of Schwaller's Egyptian Tarot.

In the same booklet, Professor Aaron Cheak, an expert and great connoisseur of the life and works of Schwaller de Lubicz, resumes the most significant experiences and the core of thought of the great French esotericist.

Finally, Mme Ada Pavan Russo, an expert in Egyptology, explained the mythological content of each figure and its possible divinatory meaning. In fact, it must be remembered that Schwaller believed in divination as a divine action, that is, a ritual capable of bringing the human mind to contact with a higher dimension of reality.

According to this use, divinatory meanings have been added to each card in four languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish.

The Egyptian Tarot by Schwaller de Lubicz is available in two different editions:

The beautiful Egyptian style box and all the editorial graphics were designed by italian art designer Letizia Rivetti.

The cards in the DELUXE edition are in heavy cardboard, size mm 75 x 155 = 2.952 in x 6.102 in

The cards of the ARTBOX edition are standard: mm 62 x 128 = 2.440 in x 5.039 in.

Both versions are produced in a limited edition: 986 numbered copies, signed on a Guarantee Certificate.

Two talismans were added to each box set, Ankh and Uadjet, which play a symbolic role in protecting the course of divinatory experiences.

For further information, I invite you to visit the page dedicated to the Egyptian Tarot by Schwaller de Lubicz in the Rinascimento Italian Art web site:


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