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Bert Bakker Editions
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 Posted: Thu Jul 26th, 2018 07:43 pm
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Hello everyone! I have a question for those who own the black & white Bert Bakker.
truelighth and I are conducting some research on the BB deck and have concluded that there have been 3 editions!
Now we are looking for collectors who have the deck. I believe the earliest edition, which had very thick card stock and possibly a reverse ankh on the back. If you own this deck and can take a look, that would help a lot!
The other 2 editions have thinner card stock (the cards have almost no flexibility and feel rather stiff), with the newest edition having rather thin card stock and slightly glossy lamination.
The card faces of the older BB deck with the thick cards are slightly rough to the touch and the cards are often yellowed or discolored.
Hope you can help us solve this mystery :)

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