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Here is a breakdown of the statistics for the forum since its inception in 2007. There have been 6.6 million page visits and 787,000 visitors to the site.
The graph shows a clear rise up to a peak in December 2011, then a gradual tapering down to the present.

The decay to some extent correlates to the time when the board was being targeted by scammers, primarily from China, who were posting messages to try and sucker people into buying items, probably put there to steal peoples' credit card details.

Since January 2012 I have had to close the board to automatically accepting new subscribers, and allow new members only through a filtering system organised by Gregory. This has been totally effective against stopping these scam messages, but I suspect as a consequence the board has lost some of its momentum. It is a price we have had to pay in order to have a safe place to discuss tarot collecting.

The scammers and Internet criminals erode and destroy what the Internet is good at - bringing people together to share their enthusiasms and interests.

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