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 Posted: Fri Jan 24th, 2014 03:25 pm
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Joined: Fri Jan 24th, 2014
Location: Charlemont, Massachusetts USA
Posts: 21
I am behind on entering these, but this was accurate about a year ago.

Tarot decks: (Oracle decks below this list)
1910 B. P. Grimaud Tarot Nouveau (2nd ed. of 1890 version)
1930 B. P. Grimaud Tarot de Marseille 1st w/ fleur-de-lis Used, some astrological annotation on some cards. Clean, good. No folds or missing corners.
1930-1950 B. P. Grimaud Tarot de Marseille (various).  I have a lot of these; they're my main interest.
1946 (approx) Insight Institute Tarot ("Eye" on the back)
1961 "Complete set of Tarot Cards with Instructions" (RWS clone, B. Shackman & Co. "No. 1961 Printed in Hong Kong" ; 11 by 17 inch layout; folded set of instructions) You can find this on Amazon at times for about $13. It's a bit clunky, but of interest to collectors of RWS types.
1962 Thoth Tarot (Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris) by A. G. Muller ISBN 9783905021608 (ISBN re-used for paperback and pocket edition) "The big blue box edition"; ask for scans. Used, Good.
1965 Ancien Tarot de Marseille (B. P. Grimaud)
1969 Astral Tarot (Mont Saint Johns) b/w
1969 Grand Etteilla Egyptian Gypsies Tarot (First edition printed in France in 1969; repro of the original pub prior French Revolution! Etteilla redrew the traditional Marseille into a deck designed for fortune telling. B. P. Grimaud; "Ref G 104")
1970 Rider-Waite (Pamela Smith)
1970 (approximate date - date needed!) Fortune Telling Cards (Merrimack A3705 "Replica of the Antique Original" Made in Hong Kong)
1971 The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (By Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith, U. S. Games Systems, Inc. ISBN 9780913866139)
1974 Tarot 1JJ, Edition Francaise (A.G.Muller)
1974 1JJ Swiss Tarot Cards English (A.G.Muller)
1974 Oswald Wirth Tarot (A. G Muller & U. S. Games, ISBN 9783905021950) 2 in stock, French, shrink-wrapped
1975 Pierpont Morgan Visconti Sforza (Stuart R. Kaplan, published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc. ISBN 9780913866061)
1977 B. P. Grimaud Tarot de Marseille repro., "Ancien" (Paul Marteau) [Other editions from 60's and earlier, too.]
1977 The Golden Dawn Tarot {Publishers signed and numbered deck in a special limited first edition. Signed by Robert Wang, Israel Regardie, Stuart Kaplan and Edwin Nigg. First edition. U.S. Games System, Inc., 1977 78 + 2 + 1 siged gilt edged cards (7.75 x 12.5 cm) in gold colored box (black base) with instruction booklet. Number 78 of 100 copies.} Out of stock. Inquire about assistance tracking a copy down.
1977 The Golden Dawn Tarot (Robert Wang, U. S. Games Systems, ISBN 9780913866160)
1978 Egyptian Tarot (C. Compe, U. S. Games; orig. See also 2008; the orig. is not glossy)
1979 The Hermetic Tarot (Godrey Dowson, U. S. Games Systems, ISBN 9780913866924)
1980 The Fantasy Showcase Tarot (Maxine Miller, Morgan Press, ASIN: B000MHRMT8 [ISBN needed!])
1981 Maddonni Tarot (Sylvia Maddonni, Grimaud, June 1981, English, ISBN 9780880790086)
1982 Tarot of the Witches w/ text (Stuart R. Kaplan and Fergus Hall, U.S. Games Systems, Inc., ISBN 9780913866535 originally published in 1973 as The James Bond 007 Tarot Book, and the cards were featured in Live and Let Die by the character Solitaire. Used. Good. w/book.
1984 Piatnik-Vienne Tarot de Marseille
1985 Luigi Scapini The Medieval Scapini Tarot (U. S. Games)
1986 The Mythic Tarot: A New Approach to the Tarot Cards (Juliet Sharman Burke & Liz Greene, Tricia Newell, illus., Fireside, ISBN 9780671618636)
1987 Arcus Arcanum Tarot (Gunter Hager, U. S. Games, ISBN 9780880793308)
1987 Tarocco di Marsiglia Svizzera 1804 (Il Meneghello, Milan, Italy) #957 of 2000, NEW opened to confirm count.
1988 Crowley Thoth Small Tarot (white box; "Ordo Templi Orientis; U. S. Games Systems, Inc., & AGMuller, Switzerland)
1988 Tarot of the Witches (Fergus Hall, U.S. Games Systems; ISBN 9780913866535) See also 1982. This was published again in 2012.
1989 The Enochian Tarot (Llewellyn, Gerald & Betty Schuyler and Sallie Ann Glassman; text 2000).
1989 The Wonderland Tarot Deck (Christopher J. Abbey, U. S. Games, ISBN 978-0880793773, at 4.1 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches it's small) Excellent.
1989 Tarot of Love (Wulfing von Rohr {Author}, Gayan S. Winter {Author} Marcia Perry {Designer}, AGMuller, ISBN 9783905021)
1990 Rider-Waite (Pamela Smith)
1990 The Haindl Tarot (Hermann Haindl, U.S. Games Systems, ISBN 9780880794657)
1990 Stairs of Gold Tarot (Giorgio Tavaglione, U.S. Games Systems, ISBN 9780913866900)
1990 Tarot de Marseille (AGMuller)
1990 Arthurian Tarot (Caitlin Matthews and John Matthews, Thorson's, ISBN 9780850308433)
1991 Tarot of the Cat People (Karen Kuykendall, U. S. Games, ISBN 9780880790789)
1991 The Gill Tarot Deck (Elizabeth Josephine Gill, U. S. Games, ISBN 9780880794497)
1991 The Mini-Motherpeace Tarot (Karen Vogel, U. S. Games, ISBN 9780880795135)
1992 Tarot 1JJ, English Edition (A.G.Muller, Belgium, orig. 1974, ISBN 9780913866511)
1992 Inner Child (Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner, illustrated by Christopher Guilfoil, published by Bear & Company)
1992 The Jungian Tarot (Robert Wang, Marcus Aurelius Press) ISBN 9780971559127. Used, Good.. (I see this deck on Amazon for very low prices at times. It's worth being patient.)
1993 Shining Woman Tarot (Rachel Pollack, U.S. Games, ISBN 9781855380981). Used, Good. w/book (Qty 2)
1993 Tarot of a Moon Garden (Karen Sweikhardt , U. S. Games, LWB Laura E. Clarson)
1995 Osho Zen Tarot (Ma Deva Padma, St. Martin's Press; 7th edition [April 15, 1995], ISBN 9780312117337)  This should probably be in the list below, Oracle Decks.
1995 The Alchemical Tarot (Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Robert M. Place, Thorson's, ISBN 9781855383012)
1995 Conver Tarot de Marseille (Lo Scarabeo)
1995 Tarot Universal Dali (Juan Llarch, Salvador Dali, U.S. Games Systems, ISBN 9780880790901, gold-leaf edges, velvet box w/ gold, OOP, NEW (opened to check all cards there)
1995 The Vision Tarot (Tim Thompson, pub. Carta Munti, Turnhout, Belgium; ISBN 9781572810570)
1996 The Greenwood Tarot: Pre-Celtic Shamanism of the Mythic Forest (Mark Ryan and Chesca Potter, Thorsons Pub., ISBN 9781855383845) One of the most sought-after recent decks. Used, excellent.
1996 The Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot Deck (Stuart Kaplan, U.S. Games Systems, July 1996, Language: English, ISBN 9780913866672)
1996 Le Tarot de Marseille (Fournier, Naipes Heraclio Fournier; 1st edition, ISBN 9780880790642)
1996 Tarot Nova (Dennis Fairchild, Running Press, ISBN 9781561387564)
1996 Le Véritable Tarot Marseille (Kris Hadar, Jeux de Cartes, 1996, Language: French, ISBN 9782890748194). Opened, unused)
1997 Old English Tarot (Maggie Kneen, U. S. Games Systems, Inc., ISBN 9781572810402)
1997 The Halloween Tarot (Kipling West, U. S. Games, ISBN 9780880799652)
1998 The Spiral Tarot (Kay Steventon, U. S. Games, ISBN 9781572810976)
1998 The Goddess Tarot (Kris Waldherr, U. S. Games Systems, Inc., ISBN 9781572810662)
1999 Le Nouveau Tarot de Marseille (Colette Silvestre-Haeberle, France Jeux Productions, ISBN 3114524218456)
1999 Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud, France Cartes, reproduction of the 1930 Grimaud, ISBN 3114523944035)
1999 Baseball Tarot Book and Card Set (Mark Lerner, Laura Philips, Dan Gardiner (Illustrator); Workman Publishing Co., ISBN 9780761103479)
1999 Le Seigneur des Anneaux (Carta M Jeux, ISBN 5411068670213)
1999 De Lombardishe Tarot (Peter Ortmann, Falken Taschenbooks, ISBN 9783635603747)
2000 The Classic Tarot (after Jean-Baptiste Pitois, Lo Scarabeo [distr. by Llewellyn], ISBN 9780738700151)
2000 Bosch Tarot (Atanas Alexandrov Atanassov, Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 0738700126)
2000 Art Nouveau Tarot Card Deck (English and Spanish Edition) by Lo Scarabeo
2000 H. R. Giger Tarot (Akron, pub. Taschen, ISBN 9783822858509)
2001 Tarot of the Imagination (Ferenc Pinter, Lo Scarabeo, ISBN 9780738700489)
2001 Lasenik?v Tarot - The Czech Tarot of Lasenic's (Trigon)
2001 Il Meneghello (I Naibi Di G. Vacchetta).
2001 Miss Cleo's Tarot Power Deck (J. F. Lambert & Seth Stephens, Radar Communications, Inc.)
2001 Dante Tarot (Andrea Serio (Illustrator), Giordano Berti (Contributor) Lo Scarabeo. December 8, 2001, English, ISBN 9780738701776)
2002 The Robin Wood Tarot (Robin Wood, Llewellyn, ISBN 9780875428949)
2002 Golden Tarot of the Tsar (A. A. Atanassov repro. Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 9780738702391)
2002 The Witches Tarot (Ellen Cannon Reed & Martin Cannon, Llewellyn, ISBN 9780875426693)
2002 Pagan Tarot (Gina M. Pace, Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 9780738702438)
2003 Tarot of the New Vision (Pietro Alligo , Author; Raul Cestaro, Illustrator; Gianluca Cestaro, Illustrator; Lo Scarabeo, ISNBN 9780738704135)
2004 The Lover's Tarot (Oliver Burston and Jane Lyle, Thomas Dunne Books, ISBN 9780312309770)
2004 The Buddha Tarot (autographed by Robert M. Place, Llewellyn Worldwide, notes and review )
2004 The Golden Tarot (Kat Black, U. S. Games Systems, ISBN 9781572814349)
2004 Ancient Italian Tarot (La Cartieri Italiana published by Lo Scarabeo, ISBN 9788883950568)
2004 The Tarot of Prague Kit: A Tarot Deck and Book Based on the Art and Architecture of the "Magic City" (Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov, The Magic Realist Press, ISBN 9780954500702) 2 used.
2004 Antiguo Tarot Lombardo (Ferdinand Bumppemberg Milano)
2004 The Intuitive Tarot (Cilla Conway, St. Martin's Press, ISBN 9780312329723)
2005 Thoth Tarot (Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris) by U. S. Games)
2004 The Fairytale Tarot (Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov; Irena Triskova, artist; Magic Realist Press, ISBN 9780954500757)
2005 The Druid Craft Tarot (Phillip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm; Bill Worthington (illus.) by U. S. Games
2005 The Medieval Cat Tarot (Lawrence Teng, U.S. Games Systems, ISBN 9781572814769)
2006 Afro-Brazilian Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, Llewellyn) ISBN 9780738709604 Order here
2006 Tarot de Marseille [Tarot de Marsella] (Daniel Rodes and Encarna Sanchez, Le Mat, ISBN none)
2006 Aquarian Tarot (David Palladini) by U. S. Games ISBN 0913866695
2006 Golden Tarot of Klimt Deluxe (English and Spanish Edition) by Lo Scarabeo
2006 Thoth (Aleister Crowley) "The green box" (U.S.Games, (ISBN 9780913866153) Available at my Amazon store.
2006 Kitty Kahane Tarot (Kitty Kahane, AGM Urania, ISBN 978-3038191841)
2008 Le tarô MamiëRâ - KadRâCité (Francine Saint-Louis, De l'être Editions, ISBN 9782980913211, 97 pages, 14cm x 22cm x 0,6cm)
2008 Alchemical Tarot Renewed (Robert M. Place, Hermes Publication, March 31, 2008, ISBN 9789780977641) 2 used; 1 new.
2008 The Bohemian Gothic Tarot (Alex Ukolov, Karen Mahony; Magic Realist Press, ISBN 9781905572076) 1 used; 1 shrink-wrapped.
2008 Color Your Tarot (Liz Dean by Cisco Books; set 2 decks, book. ISBN 978739499450)
2008 Egyptian Tarot (Orig. pub 1978. U. S. Games ISBN 9780913866948)
2008 Pictorial Key Tarot (Tarot de la Clave Pictorica; Deluxe Ed., Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd, ISBN 9780738712970)
2008 The Transparent Tarot (Emily Carding, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., October 28, 2008, ISBN 9780764330032)
2009 Touchstone Tarot (Kat Black, Kunati Inc., May 1, 2009, ISBN 9781601641908)
2009 Conver Tarot de Marseille (Jodorowsky & Camoin)
2009 Tarot of the Sweet Twilight (Christina Benintende, Lo Scarabeo, Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd.)
2009 Tarot of the Dream Enchantress/Tarot de la Encantadora de Suenos (Marco Nizzoli, Llewellyn Publications ISBN 9780738715308)
2009 Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set by Stuart Kaplan and Pamela Colman Smith
2009 The Goth Tarot (Cristina Fernandez "Winny"; limited edition 100 decks; signed; Art Tarot #22).
2009 Tarot ng Daigdig sa Balintataw (Lynyrd Narciso, Alchemy Web Bookshop, limited edition 100 decks; signed, numbered No. 41; Art Tarot #21)
2009 The Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery (Robert Place, Leisa ReFalo, Hermes Publications, ISBN 9781935194026)
2009 El Tarot de Marcelino (Lynyrd Narciso, self-published) #35 of 70 and initialed by creator, burgundy ink on thick Kraft board and machine coated with varnish, w/ infamous "happy squirrel", beyond RARE, NEW in ribbon box.
2010 Tarot de Tattwas (J. A. Portela, Publisher: CONTINEN 1, June 15, 2010, ASIN B003S530II)
2010 Gustave Dore Bible Tarot (Pyro Skin A. I.)
2010 The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck (John Holland, Hay House Inc., ISBN 9781401918668)
2010 The Touchstone Tarot. (Kat Black.) Review.
2012 Tarot of Ascension (Lo Scarabeo, Llewellyn) ISBN 9780738721828. Order here.
2013 Dark Goddess Tarot ( Ellen Lorenzi-Prince) As of 1/13/13, this deck is available new at Ellen’s website: http://www.darkgoddesstarot.com
Dates to be determined:
______Tarot of the Divine Union (Cynthia Joyce Clay) by Oestar Publishing ISBN 9780984216642 [Readings not available with this deck.]
Oracle Decks:
Jamie Sams Medicine Cards
Celtic Tree Oracle
Titania's Spell Cards "Love & Success"
1976 Petit Lenormand/The Small Lenormand (B. P. Grimaud, Ets J. M. Simon)
1988 The Celtic Tree Oracle (Liz & Colin Murray by St. Martin's Press; not a true Tarot)
1991 Olympus Self-Discovery and the Greek Archetypes (Murray Hope & Anthea Toorchen, Aquarius Press, ISBN 9781855380684)
1995 Le Chiavi delle Fate (Gabriella Delfante, Edizioni AMRITA, ISBN 9788887622638)
1993 The Color Compass "Divine Inspiration" (Tricia Skerry, Atrium Publishers Group, ISBN 9780646151762)
1996 The Celtic Shaman's Pack (John Matthews / Chesca Potter, Elements)
1998 The Answer Deck (Frederick Atkins, ISBN unknown. This is the original, not the Mini.)
1999 Goddess (River Huston and Patricia Languedoc, Running Press, ISBN 9780762402946)
2000 Transformation par la pensée (Sylvie Drouin, Les editions ame et lumiere, ISBN 9782922767018)
2000 The Faeries Oracle (Brian Froud, Jessica Macbeth)
2001 Love & Success, Titania's Spell Cards ("Titania", Cedco Publishing, ISBN 9780768324570)
2001 Les Cartes Abondance (Mireille Nathalie Dubois, du Roseau, ISBN 9782894660621)
2007 Les Mandalas D'Energie L'Oracle (Olivier Manitara, Coeur de Phenix - Editions Equilibre, ISBN 9782916008141)
2007 L'Oracle des Anges (Doreen Virtue, ISBN 9782911525698)
2008 Les Messages de Joshua (Marjolaine Caron, Marjolaine Caron Editeur, ISBN 9782980744624)
2008 Angel Therapy (Doreen Virtue, Hay Therapy, ISBN 9781401918330)
2009 My Spiritual Reading Cards (Sylvia Browne, Hay House, ISBN 9781401921958)

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 Posted: Sat Jan 25th, 2014 06:25 am
2nd Post
Yves Le Marseillais

Joined: Thu Feb 7th, 2008
Location: MARSEILLE, France
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Hello Paris Finley,

What a nice list/Collection !

But !?....... I can't see my two superbe TdM facsimiles ?:
Pierre Madenié 1709
François Chosson 1736

Hum, take a walk on my website and I bet you'll rectify this omission.


Happy New Year 2014 !

Yves Le Marseillais

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 Posted: Sat Jan 25th, 2014 03:25 pm
3rd Post

Joined: Fri Jan 24th, 2014
Location: Charlemont, Massachusetts USA
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You're right, Yves. But they *are* on my wish list, so do I get a "new member" offer if I buy both at once? I'm in the US. PM me if you like. Et vous pouvez me parler en francais, si vous veuilliez. C'est important a moi de pratiquer. Ma grandmere etait nee en Lille, et sa spirite et tout pret, je crois.

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