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I just obtained a copy of the tarot designs by the Italian artist Antonio Possenti, which were printed in colour in a paperbound book published by Cardelli and Fontana arte contemporanea in the year 2000. The images are delightfully humorous. The Magician for example, shows the magician at his table and a rather sad white rabbit in a hat, a woman sawn in half for real, and a flying pig in the lower centre. The Empress is depicted as a large figure in bed with her miniature husband. All the paintings are very detailed and full of resonances and playful visual games with symbols. This was, as far as I know, never produced as a deck, but it is well worth having in book form. The book is rather rare and it will be difficult, I expect, to easily come across a copy. So many established Italian artists in modern times have turned their hand to producing a tarocchi.


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