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 Posted: Tue Jun 30th, 2009 08:37 pm
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Goldenweb wrote:
The tonal technique and the way the different areas are separated gives the paintings a quilted satin effect - most unusual and engaging.
Thanks dear Pen ;-) Well, Lulukat told me, how she thinks you meant your "hallucinatory-thing". Why do I paint a Lenormand, right? Well, Lenormand is interesting to me, because I´m a little busy with it. In my view it´s possible to find a system too, something like this. I show you, maybe it leads too far to discuss. All the cards have reflections on the other side and such things, very logical. You must know, I´m a Mr. "Cards System" ;-))

The letters mean the elements. L(Luft)=air, the rest should be clear.

Lulukat wrote:
I'll kick ya too ; )
You do all the time, and I love you for that ;-))

Debra wrote:
I have a question. In your tarot deck, you used some traditional meanings and some non-traditional meanings. Are you doing this in your Lenormand deck, too?
Hi Debra dear

Well, that´s right. It´s the same way as I did with the Tarot. I take the old things, think about it, try to understand the sens, keep the most I can, and make the "necessary" changes or adds.

For example, why, in 2009: woman = passive and man = active?

Man and women for me are symbols for Adam and Eva (Eve?). This is also a psychological thing. They are the male and female principals that communicate in ourselves. They are extremes, pure principales, but they also appear in concrete persons in our concrete life as a mirror, both. The psyche of man and women are not as clear as we think, in my opinion. A man is maybe more women inside and a women more man, as they guess. We always are wondering (swinging) from one extreme or pole to the other. So maybe the man "climbs up the hill", but he nevertheless is very near to the water. The same with the women. You know what I mean. This example assumes the idea of rebirth and the possible change of sex.

Lulukat wrote:
Yeah I was wondering about that, too, by the way. Or maybe it's a "German" thing ?
I would like to claim, it´s a special "Langustl thing" ;-)) The German Lenormand "aunts" are also a little confused about my brain acrobatics :D

p.s. Lulukat, I like your current avatar. What a peaceful beauty :ro

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