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 Posted: Thu Nov 22nd, 2007 10:04 pm
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This is the paper that came with the deck.I'm going to attempt to translate from German to English. If someone has a better understanding of German please correct me. The first paragraph describes the various art schools that Jajob Benjamin Reiser attented and various techniques that he learned.It mentions that mountain climbing and making card games were things he did.The second paragraph goes something like this:

"This game was created from a rare and very difficult technique from 1925 called film carving art.(wood block?)It is printed in a flat print after it was drafted.It is shown here for the first time in one of 150 examples.The cards are done in the same color,paper and form." (:shock: German makes my brain hurt !!! )

At the bottom of the paper is a phone number and addresse.I don't know if their are any more avalible.....MIKE

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