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 Posted: Mon May 25th, 2009 04:42 am
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Was recently lucky enough to find a reasonably priced copy of the beautiful Aurelia Books replica of the Mulûk Wa-Nuwwâb Mamluk deck. Printed for Aurelia by Carta Mundi, the deck was originally published in 1972 in a limited edition of 750 copies and then in 1977 an additional 246 copies of what was referred to as "Series B" was released. (Mine is 013 of Series B.)

The set, which consists of 54 cards, is a reproduction and reconstruction incorporating three incomplete decks of early Arabic cards currently in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul. You can read about their history, which is fascinating, here and here.

The set is housed in a sturdy slipcase and includes the fairly large cards (about 3" x 8"), a 62 page book in English by Jan Bauwens, a chart indicating the identity of the court cards (there are no illustrations of people on the cards), and a rather amusing disclaimer by Mr. Bauwens about the book contents.

If you have an interest in the history of playing cards, this is a set definitely worth hunting down.

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