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 Posted: Fri Nov 9th, 2007 01:30 pm
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I was browsing the Somerville catalogue yesterday for playing cards and I've been wanting some of the small patience-sized decks for a while. They are good for playing solitaire and I have an old spinnet desk with a fold out shelf that doesn't have a lot of room--thought if I got a patience deck I could lay cards out there for working with the Personal Prophecy method of Deborah Leigh.

I noticed some interest in the retro Tavenol Tarot deck and I thought I'd point out a couple of the same sort of thing at Somerville in playing cards.

Correspondances (52 stations of the Paris metro) #10193 - kind of artsy with biographical mysteries.

Roaring 20s Playing Cards #13239 - narrow and small and done in 1970s colours.

Heise Luxus with gilt edges #10326 - Psychedelic--even the pips have those 70s


[Note to Mythos: you really must try some playing cards in your collection. I use them as clarifying cards--amazing what comes up in asociation with a tarot deck. Think of the excitement you're missing. Today the Eisbergfreistadt, tomorrow the world of transformation decks. . . !]



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