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 Posted: Tue Jan 6th, 2009 09:38 pm
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I thought Mont St John's was the FIRST publisher and St Croix the second....

Somewhere last night I found something suggesting one Calmera Leosis was the artist. Heaven only knows where...

Ah. Mary Greer, on Passages:
            1969   Mont-Saint-Johns Astral Tarot deck (b&w) with 20 page booklet, published by Mont-Saint-Johns. Art by Yurica. “Mont-Saint-Johns, Inc. felt our twentieth century computer age called for a modernized design that would remain faithful to the 78 ancient symbols and yet, would be more readily assimilated by the subconscious.” (see 1971, St. Croix)

    1971   The 9th Dimension Tarot deck and 43 page booklet by Calmera Leosis published by St. Croix, Inc., Whittier CA. Revised edition of the Mont-Saint-Johns Astral Tarot (see 1969). B&w with colored backgrounds.

So Leosis wrote the book for the game.

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