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 Posted: Mon Oct 6th, 2008 01:27 am
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sacredashes wrote:
Mythos, please don't feel bad. Its just a deck. Your post means a lot to me though, especially because I go through these "episodes" too. You're not alone and I am glad that you paint because art is my personal therapy.  :bl I've seen your work and they're awesome! I can see how you use colors to brighten the way though I sense sorrow in your work despite the colors. I hope art does the same for you what it does for me. :ro 



Oh Ash ... it is so much more than 'just a deck'.  And you have read me like a book.  Art is my personal therapy too, and I am drawn to colour like a moth to a flame ... but yes, the sorrow is there ... always.

I have given lectures on 'Chronic Sorrow', a condition which people with intellectually disabled children live with.  My 33 year old son is intellectually disabled.  It is also a condition that, though I am unaware of any research on the matter, sufferers of genetically inherited major depression experience ... c'est moi aussi!  I also find that art, writing, making music and so on are often correlated to such conditions.  I suspect that decks with depth, such as yours, reflect this in a way that the mass-produced decks do not.

Consequently, the decks 'as therapy', like yours, strike a chord with so many of us.  Emotional pain is, after all, a part of the human condition.  These are the decks that 'speak' ... and I don't necessarily consider this in terms of readings.  I don't 'do' readings, but such decks speak to me nonetheless.... that is except my own.... consciously anyway.


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