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 Posted: Mon Aug 18th, 2008 10:52 am
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I seem to be at the centre of an attempt at  intimidation or some form of revenge. Prima facie, this appears to be related to my work with the Tarot Collectors Forum.

Starting on the 8th of August, I have found my email address subscribed to hundreds of forums and I consequently received many hundreds of postings from these. In many cases I have had to send an email directly to the site organisers requesting that I be unsubscribed. Most of these sites are gay sites or those dedicated to the geriatric  community, Alzheimers, and so on. Obviously these were specifically chosen to make some point directed at myself. Sadly, this reveals more about the person initiating these subscriptions than about myself.

This has required many hours of my time to try and sort out, and I am still this morning, over a week later, getting these unwanted emails.

The person involved in doing this has got their revenge and I do request them to stop this impersonation of me immediately. Today I found I had been subscribed to a Gay contact board and that a posting had been made in my name. They went to the bother of creating a profile for me which said

"hi im adam im looking to meet people for discreet meet ups would like to be emailed. I also have a website under the same name and collect tarot. I want a spiritual based link with a male."

This is criminal impersonation. Luckily I have this persons IP address and I may  now take this matter up with the Internet provider.

People who do such things drive good, altruistic people away from the internet. Luckily I am a strong person and I just go on and work through such situations, however, a more sensitive person could easily have their confidence shaken by such bullying tactics.

This arises from the fact that I am an open person. I use my real name and real email address. I am open to discussion with people. That makes me vulnerable to a coward hiding behind an anonymous email handle.

This whole situation has resulted in my having to devote many hours unsubscribing from such forums. It will, however, not shake my resolve to keep this discussion group focussed on the subject of tarot collecting. I will not allow the positive development of this discussion forum to be undermined by people who adopt such despicable bullying tactics.

Adam McLean

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