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 Posted: Sat Jul 5th, 2008 08:52 am
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It says somethig like this (in summary)

Between 1976-77 he did little work on the second version of his Tarocchi. But in 1978 he made photolithographic prints of the black and white version as he felt it was then complete. He also made a coloured version as a gift to his family, from whom he separated in 1978. During the 1980’s he made a number of variations on the photolitho prints using the second version, using wax resists and small amounts of applied colour. In the winter of 1993-94 he made a third version of the Major arcana,  based on his experience with the previous version, and using colour and collage. He was recently (1994) engaged in a final reworking of the photolithos of the second version, using colour, pen, collage to create a new deck, and in the creation of a series of the Major Arcana as etchings.


I am a bit unsure to what he is referring in the last sentence. Is his tarocchi as published this final reworking of the photolithos, or a new version created as etchings ? The tarot looks on the surface like etchings, but the standard frame around them suggests otherwise. Etching printing leaves a depression in the paper which would make it impossible to print  the frame around it. So it seems to be this final collaged second version.  So one wonders if he ever completed the etched version as a third tarot.

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