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 Posted: Fri Jul 4th, 2008 09:13 am
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papoon wrote:

 Note to self: buy when they're easily available and don't wait too long...!
A lesson that I learned (more or less) from my procrastination over this very deck.

That is what I try to do. I hate it when I miss collecting a deck because I held back. One certainly does regret at ones leisure.

From the other side of the transaction - recently I sold the last of the Alchemical Emblems Tarot (the first one I produced). Now there are no more copies left to sell, I get two or three people writing to me each week pleading for a copy. People always seem to want something that they cannot have.

Prometti also made the Porco Tarot, though in a different style. I wonder if that is close to selling out ? Luckily I already have a copy.


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