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 Posted: Tue Oct 16th, 2007 12:02 pm
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will clarify.....went on an internet tour last nite....

first i viewed quidlimit's home gallery page, showing some wonderful creations along with her dante spread, laid out in front of books relating to dante (dore engravings, etc)....

back to TCF...i looked at collector's  figurines, and the marvel comics deck... inspired, i did a search for the marvel comics tarot....that lead me to the marvel web site i went to alida store....the dante was $$$

in the beginning, i started collecting only art decks that were painterly and well designed and well collection and appreciation has grown and expanded with input from collectors like yourselves, who share information about your collections....

 decks have been the ACE... the beginning energy which has stimulated further exploration of  topics, such as the writings of dante, the victorian period, gothic tales, mythology, the mock heroic poem, THE RAPE OF THE LOCK, by alexander pope,  the purchase of alchemical prints (from adam), etc...

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