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 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2007 09:46 pm
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acucent wrote: love the journels, us there calligraphy?  are you pulling a card each day or asking questions....

I had every intention of barrelling along doing a card per week at least, but I found it was too little time to be reflective. It takes time to find an art reference to sketch or in one case, for me to press leaves and birch bark for the art that I'm doing on the page.

There is calligraphy--I am using a modern interpretation called Pen Script Bold (capitals and miniscules.) From the book "The Calligrapher's Bible" by David Harris. He says it's good for beginners to calligraphy, which I am. I've copied a sheet and put it under plastic to carry around to do inking--flip it over to do capitals.

I refer to it my interpretation as "wonky" calligraphy as I tend to slant it every way. Still good practice, another reason for the journal. Not asking questions, just doing intuitive interpretation, maybe you could call it that? Just my own little world.

I have a couple more pictures on my web site under (Books/Journals), and if you get the ATA newsletter in print form, I had an article in there recently about this journal.

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