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 Posted: Sun May 18th, 2008 09:19 pm
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As so often happens I seem to have lost the plot.

I am a bleeding heart liberal and extremely proud of it, but this is a revolting deck in every possible way, and I want one. :cl

But IMHO any political deck is a truly hideous idea. That isn't to say they shouldn't be created, just that cans of worms are pretty horrid and designed to engender dissent and.... That's what politics is all about. Setting one person against another ;)

*plots a British New Labour deck all of a sudden. Now that WOULD be hideous. And totally illiberal - though I would love to make a few hearts bleed within it.  And no apologies to anyone in the UK*

Please don't ban me; I might be good tomorrow..... And pigs might fly.

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