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 Posted: Wed Apr 23rd, 2008 12:08 pm
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OK I have their permission. her eis the full discussion; I will add to it as others do so....

I initially thought I would use butterfly for the swords. My reasons were simple. I love butterflies. And the swords are my favorite suit. To me swords are air, butterflies fly in the air. To me the swords/air suit also represents transformation, but after thinking a bit more I said well duhhhh so do the other suits. So, I set the butterflies aside. Move on the the black rose suit. My first thought with these was the suit of cups. For obvious reasons actually, emotions. But then, quickly following that thought was that the cups are also a very spiritual suit, so maybe the cross would be better suited. The black rose could represent the pentacle/disk suit because well because they grow in the earth. Or die when disconnected from it. So, maybe I will keep the crosses as the cups and the black roses as the pentacles. Moving on to fire………what???? Masks as fire? Hmmmmm, well maybe Masks can be the air. How can masks be air, well they cover our face….and our face is our head and inside our head is our brain where our thought processes take place. That was my thought process. Perhaps they can hide our thoughts. Not sure if I really like this but it makes a little more sense than the masks representing fire. But that means that Butterflies would then be fire. That would burn their pretty little wings. Fire transforms though. It cleanses and brings change. So, while I am not crazy about the idea, the Butterflies could do all right here. Those were the thought processes behind my decisions, does anyone have any better ideas or do these seem to make sense?

Black rose/pentacles.

Then someone posted the link to the thread I already posted.

1 again:
Thanks for that ****, so according to Umbrae who said according to something else:

Mariposas = Air = Cups = butterflies
Mascaras = Earth = Pentacles = masks
Flores = Swords = Water = flowers
Cruces = Wands = Fire= cross

I don't think I can do the air is cups and swords is water thing, that would throw me entirely off the boat. Not sure why the masks would be earth either. Flowers I can see sort of being water but not as swords/water. My brain is hurting.

I have been having this issue for ages. The only good thing for ME is that as I read by images, it doesn't make that much difference... but still, it really is confusing. I do wish that when people create a deck like this, they would include that kind of info.....
I think if it was me I would have the have the butterflies as Swords Air - my thinking butterflies can symbolise transformation and our thinking can do that for us.
****, I at first liked the butterflies for air, and thought of the transformation element too, but how would you explain putting the masks as fire then? I mean there has to be some sort of logic to it, or at least an "idea" of how the other would fit.
Mariposas = Air = Cups
Mascaras = Earth = Pentacles
Flores = Swords = Water
Cruces = Wands = Fire

One deck - the Trevisan Crystal - has Swords as water and it just seems odd. I have enough trouble with whether the Swords are Air or Fire- let alone bring water into it.
Air in Cups- our cups are empty?
Crosses as Wands

Fire seems Gothic correct.
Masks as Earth Coins seems fair.

The Butterflies/Mariposas are on snowy landscape- that says to me Air North Swords
The Roses/Flores water East Cups (the shape is cuplike for starters even if it has thorns that draw blood)

The Black Rose by Jamie Mallinson
She sits at her mirror,
brushing her hair,
dressed in black velvet,
with just the right flair.

She puts on her make up with ever an ease,
ready for the night,
ready to please.

She picks up her flower and closes the door,
its sunset this evening,
who could ask for more?

She walks through the tall grass with a graceful pose,
she bends down to lay her perfect black rose. (ON a grave)

Actually Tarot Garden says the images were from a stock of illustrations not particular to Tarot. Maybe that’s the problem- like it better than the BG.

OK, I think I have decided what I am going to use:

Crosses/pentacles Well they do put them on graves don't they?
Black rose/cups As **** said they are shaped like cups.
Butterflies/air/swords because this was my first preference and I just like it that way
Masks/fire/wands because in the morning….. Urghhhh, I need a reason for why I am putting this here or it will drive me crazy. Off to think.


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