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 Posted: Wed Apr 23rd, 2008 04:54 am
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Hi, I'm new here.

Does anybody know which suits in this deck correspond to the traditional Tarot suits?

According to someone on amazon,

Flowers and Roses=Cups

but elsewhere on the net, someone said "Looking at them I figured that the crosses must be swords, the masks wands, the flowers represent cups and the butterflies pentacles." The first interpretation sounds like it may be right to me, because I would guess that butterflies would represent the element of air like the swords, flowers could be symbolic of emotions like the cups are, masks could be like pentacles in that they could represent the material world, but I'm not sure about the crosses. I can also draw similarities between other suits, so the more i think about it, the more confused I become.

Perhaps they are not even meant to correspond to the traditional suits, but if this were the case, one would think there would be a book available to explain it.

I haven't received my deck yet, so I haven't been able to study them, but I was interested to know what your views are.


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