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 Posted: Mon Apr 21st, 2008 08:00 am
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I think now that the printer is Wilhelm Hegenauer,  Wien. There's a deck on e-bay--not the same images, but the same typefaces AND the same Chearing spelling errors in English. The one for sale has some differences in capitalization.

I am astounded that one can narrow down the publisher to probably one of two possibilities using only a book (Kaplan's sale catalog) and the internet and the minds of friends on the internet (OnePotato, Gregory, Morwenna, Langustl).  Amazing really.

Here's the auction--item # 180232705798. Seller thinks 1870.  I suspect the deck I have is from the same period.  Obviously mine is/was a less elaborate production.  The seller has excellent photos. Bidding stands at 3.50 Euros.  :D

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