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 Posted: Sat Apr 5th, 2008 01:20 am
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The languages are German, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Italian, French, English.

I believe it to be made by the same manufacturer as the card shown below, from a website of a card seller in Germany--which, by the way, has a whole lotta Tarot cards listed, as well as oracles, bilingual in German and English, sent to me by Stephan Lange, whose Langustl Tarot is due out in a few months:

The deck I have has less refined images, and simplier. However, the printed words appear to be identical in layout and typeface, from what i can see.

W171 Wilhelm Hendl, Währingergürtel, Stadtbahn-Viadukte
137-138, Wien IX. Aufschlag Karten. EB/SF. 51 v.
52 Bl. Buchdruck/letterpress, 84x54 mm, rechteckE/
square corners. Rs.: Blaue Rauten/pattern of lozenges,
blue. Wahrsagekarten mit Illustrationen und Beschriftungen
in sieben Sprachen: Deutsch, Ungarisch, Tschechisch,
Polnisch, Italienisch, Französisch und Englisch. Der
Besucher (Besuch) hält einen Umschlag mit “Hendl Wien”/
prophecy cards with illustrations and captions in seven
languages: German, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Italian,
French and English. The visitor holds an envelope with the
maker’s name. Cary coll. 111; HK 19. 1900 ca. Beschädigte
OSchachtel, gebraucht/damaged OBox, worn EUR 40,-

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