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 Posted: Sun Jul 31st, 2022 12:00 am
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Okay, with my Mom's guidance, I've gone through the entire on-site inventory
and her notes and have come up with a complete index of everything physically
present, including links for the majority of items back to the pages on AT
for easy reference.

At the end is a picture of my work-process - she has two monster looseleaf
binders, with neatly assembled details on each deck, with text details,
clippings from paper catalogs that she used to receive, and in a couple of
cases, example card backs if a deck had those informational extras that aren't
essential.  The list started with one of her online documents and built from
it in flat-text form and turned into some token HTML, with the last step
being to hunt down a link, if available, in the huge AT index.

I'll likely be bringing all of this home with me when I return to Boston,
but if some appropriate brokering opportunity arose in the meantime, they
could wind up getting shipped someplace completely different.  I encourage
further discussion of options.  Again, community benefit is the primary
driving motive here, not self-enrichment.  I've included a human-readable
hint to an email address if that works better than forum mechanics.


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