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 Posted: Thu Jul 14th, 2022 02:39 pm
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So here's the big problem.  Besides her own deck and book, Barbara has a
fairly large collection of other decks.  Which will sooner or later need to
move on to other homes.  Over the years she has managed to sell off a few
of them in a spotty fashion here and there, but not recently.  We had a go
at me trying to broker them on Amazon, but that was kind of a flop, and
these days I am loath to help line Amazon's greedy pockets.  I personally
don't do ebay or paypal and have very little desire to get into that sort
of risk profile.  Nonetheless, I am looking for an acceptable way that I
could beneficially pass this collection on to the enthusiast community.

By "beneficially" I don't mean rake in any fat profits; my expectations
would be in the pennies-on-the-dollar range at best.  But she says that some
of the decks are quite valuable in the collector market, so it doesn't seem
reasonable to just give everything away.  And the last thing I want to do is
throw any of this away, with such visible demand among this community in
general.  I have been pointed at outfits like Tarot Garden to look into,
which may be options, but will entertain other notional processes to get
the job done with reasonably modest work-factor on my end.  Heck, there might
even be local-ish used book/game stores that are already set up for sales
and shipping, be it online and/or brick-n-mortar.

I will therefore entertain serious suggestions/inquiries on this, I suppose
as followups on this thread.  Suggestions on what other community sites to
join are also welcome.  I know that Aeclectic is closed to new memberships
but have attempted to contact Kate via site form-mail anyway.  Mom always
used Aeclectic as her go-to site for lists of what decks exist, as it's
pretty clearly still the leading aggregation site for that.

I have copies of various computerized documents that Mom produced which are
long lists of deck names, but I don't know if it reflects her *actual*
collection or just what exists in the world.  I am trying to get that info
from her, but she's been away from the computer for a week or two and does
not presently have access to it.  Mostly, she was keeping careful *paper*
records, two very fat looseleaf binders with a clear-pouch page for each
deck, with printed details and even clipped-out card images, all carefully
pasted in and alphabetized.  Those are 1600 miles away from where I am,
so I cannot dig in and try to correlate physical decks against any of those
"documents".  That may change over the next few weeks, as I expect to travel
and be with her for a while but not until the immediate need arises.

I will work on trying to generate a real inventory based on what I can glean
over phone calls and the like, however.  Specifics aside, the long-term need
will remain to get the decks physically out of the house and on their way to
happy new owners.


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