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 Posted: Sun Sep 26th, 2021 07:52 pm
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I agree with you Gregory. The constant variations are getting tedious to keep up with. A deluxe 115 card non-paradoxical of Trionfi Della Luna will most likely be the last version I buy (if one is ever offered).

The only paradoxical version I own is the Italian Purple edition. I only purchased that one because the “buy it now” price was too good to pass on.

I considered purchasing the Paradoxical Indigo as an investment because there were only 13 signed and numbered editions offered, but I passed on it because the price was too high to start with.

I remember seeing a comedy sketch on the television show Saturday Night Live in which a director kept making sequels to the movie Soylent Green (such as Soylent White and Soylent Teal). They were all basically the same movie, only the color and item were changed. I am reminded of this sketch when I see so many variations of the same deck.

As far as new VALENZA art, the following link shows some of the items that he is working on. The items are listed as "Sold Out" because they are not yet available.

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