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 Posted: Sun Sep 26th, 2021 05:43 am
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Thanks for the information.

It does appear that the box end of the second edition was changed at some point to feature the “333” on the end; however, that still does not explain the inclusion of the extra cards from the first edition, as well as the more recent “House of God” card. As of this posting, the 2nd edition is still being advertised at the Deviant Moon website as having only 90 cards.

Because someone from Deviant Moon stated that the edition in question “looks” authentic, I can only presume that it was some type of prototype offered by Deviant Moon, rather than a pirated edition or some type of hybrid assembled by the seller on eBay.

I have seen Deviant Moon offer limited editions of Trionfi Della Luna in numbers as few as 13, such as the signed and numbered editions of “Paradoxical Indigo.” As I recall, no email alert was issued for Paradoxical Indigo. The only reason I am aware of it is that I spotted it on their website during one of my routine checks. Of course, it was sold out within a few hours. The subject of this post was most likely a similar offering.

I am hoping that Deviant Moon eventually offers a deluxe 115 card non-paradoxical version of Trionfi Della Luna, such as they are currently offering with the Paradoxical Blue and Purple. The deluxe set includes the 5 alternate cards, the 10 oracle cards, and the 22 card “Beast Pack Expansion.”

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