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 Posted: Mon Jun 28th, 2021 01:04 am
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I could use some help solving a mystery: I own the first and second English editions of the Trionfi Della Luna by Patrick Valenza. The first edition came with alternate Devil, Tower (called Lightening), Star, and Judgment cards, plus ten oracle cards. The second edition, which is still for sale at the Deviant Moon website, came with the alternate Tower (Lightening) card only, plus the ten oracle cards.

Earlier today, I spotted a recently sold version of Trionfi Della Luna that not only had the four alternate cards from the first edition but also had the recently released “House of God” card. The box it came in had the second edition box cover, but the end of the box had a "333" on it, rather than one of the images that appears on the end of the first or second editions.

I checked Deviant Moon's website, as well as the email updates I receive from them, but I cannot find any indication for the existence of this new version. It is my understanding that, so far, only some of the Paradoxical versions have been issued with the House of God card. In the past, I have seen Mr. Valenza release variations of certain decks in limited numbers as low as thirteen (such as Paradoxical Indigo), so I am wondering if I missed such a release, or is this a new, pirated version of Trionfi Della Luna?

The following photos show the box cover for the first edition on the left and the second edition (as well as the new mystery edition) on the right. There is also a photo showing the box ends for the first and second editions on the left and the mystery edition on the right (showing 333). Lastly, there is a photo showing all the alternate cards that were offered with this mystery edition.

Any information to help solve this mystery will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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