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 Posted: Fri Jun 4th, 2021 12:48 am
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I agree that the numbering is very odd. The following quote is an excerpt from the website linked below, which may have some bearing on the odd numbering of these cards:

“My conclusion is obvious; there is no direct link between a specific trump card and a certain number. On the Tarot of Marseille there is, but looking to all tarot games ever made before the Tarot of Marseille, there is no link at all. Because of the many regional differences, card makers started to number the trump cards in order to indicate the order that should be used for their specific version of the Tarot Game. So the trumps are not numbered, they are ordered. If a number is shown on a trump card, this indicates a relative value, over how many other trump cards this specific card trumps. It also is a visual help for card players in a game to determine which card is higher. So forget all those tens of thousands of pages that has been written about Tarot numerology, originally, a trump card does not correspond to a specific number, the trump cards are ordered.”

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