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 Posted: Sat Sep 26th, 2020 08:26 am
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This is an old thread but I have some information to share so I may as well put it here.

Trumps I and III appeared in an article by Valentin Bresle published in 1952, "Les tarots ou la machine à penser," (Le Crapouillot, Les sciences occultes, mars 1952), which states that Morvan drew them in 1934.

It appears that the set you have, and the accompanying fascicle, was part of Bresle's encyclopedia of occultism, the "Thesaurus magiae" but I have not seen it myself.

I believe the deck was reproduced in a book called "sous le voile du maître secret" by Marcel Spaeth, and that Morvan drew the deck for Bresle's occultist group, the Jurande Templière, in 1934. That book was reprinted some years ago.

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