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 Posted: Wed Aug 12th, 2020 09:44 am
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gregory wrote:
He was in PISTOIA ? I was stranded there for 5 days once; I could have gone and MADE FRIENDS !

I think that art site is - VERY dodgy on info collecting ! It reminds me of another art site where the whole life of an artist we used to know personally was hugely wrong - wrong wife (he had had two and they had almost left the first sort of in place for his whole life...) wrong who he lived with where and when, wrong children.... If I had been a family member I'd have made a fuss...

I'm glad I deleted the link then. I won't bother with a history search to duplicate...

As far as Pistoia, yes, this info is ACCURATE. Look in the LWB in your Tarocco del Mundo Nuovo. It's in there :cool: I included it in my search to get to my article, along with the Italian word for painter.

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