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 Posted: Mon Feb 25th, 2008 09:56 am
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Hello all,
My last version:
I tried to put all my decks. But may be some were forgetten.

R= Reproduction or Fac similé
P= Pictures or scans
O = Original deck "in his juice" "dans son jus"

Anonyme Parisien (R) By Mr Dimanche Editor

Arnoult Alphonse (P) 78/78

Arnoux André (P) 78/78
Benois JB (R) 78/78 il Meneghello
Bernardin Suzanne (P) 78/78
Blanche (P) 78/78

BP Grimaud (P)
Bourlion François (P)
Burdel Claude (P)

Camoin"Tourrasse"/Jodorowsky (O) 78/78
Carrajat CF (P)
Chosson François (P) 78/78
Conver nicolas (P+R) 78/78

Conver 1860 (O) full deck :hp
Dodal Jean (R)
Dodal Jean (O) 78/78 Restoration by Pablo Robledo N° 1 of a 8 decks limited edition

Grimaud 1930 (P) 78/78
Grimaud 1930 (O ? or R) 78/78  40 mm thick with Tulips on 4 of Coins. Annoted with ball point.

Grimaud 1930 (O) 78/78  40 mm thick with Tulips on 4 of Coins. Very good condition.
Hadar Chris (O) 78/78
Héri François (P) 1730  78/78 
Héri François (P) 1718 76/78

Iseli Conrad (P) 76/78
Kirchner (P) 78/78
Laurent JP (P+R) 78/78
Lequart (P)

Lequart (O) 78/78. Bad colors but with Pape and Papesse and NOT Junon and Jupiter. Very rare.
Madenié Pierre (P+R) 78/78

Madenié JB (P)

Noblet Jean (O) 22 Majors by JC Flornoy

Noblet Jean (R) Full deck industial version by JC Flornoy

Payen JP (P)
Payen Jean (P)

Payen Jean 1743 (R)

Payen Jean 1743 Restoration 2008 by Thinbuddha 78/78 :ok

Renault 1825 (O) 76/78 missing Temperance and Junon :sd

Rochias Joseph (P) 75/78
Rochias Jacques (P) 75/78

Rochus Schar (P) 76/78

Rhodes/Sanchez (O) 78/78
Schar Franz B (P) 78/78

Tarocco Neoclassico (R) 78/78
Tourcaty JF (P) 77/78  8 Epée missing
Unknow 1804 (R) Il Meneghello)

Vacchetta Giovanni (R) 78/78
Vieville Jacques (R) 78/78

Visconti Sforza (R)

Zoni Giacomo (R) 78/78

Apart of Tarot but significant:

Mammeluks Fac Similé

And for joking :gi
Actuel deck (O) 22/22
Numerological deck (O) 78/78

Tarot de Nostradamus (O) 78/78 :f

You probably understood that I look only for Historical Decks and "others" where authors tried (without success in my today opinion) to go back to an original pattern.

Yves Le Marseillais

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