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 Posted: Tue Jan 21st, 2020 08:09 am
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I made a box for this, as it came without one, but I've never used it.

Most of the cards are perfect, but there was some damage to the laminate of a few on the lower edges due to the cards being slightly stuck together.

Scans of the worst ones below with the contrast lowered to make the damage show more clearly.

The scan of the reverse is of the Amazon of Swords.

I made a new Child of Swords with the spare blank card, using a fine black permanent liner, but as the images were created by paper-cutting it has a slightly different feel, although this might not be noticed except by the eagle-eyed... I'll include it in the deck.

None of the images themselves are affected, only the card edges.

£99 plus Tracked and Signed postage at whatever it costs me.

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