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 Posted: Sat Jan 4th, 2020 06:36 pm
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Interestingly back in 2014 (at least according to dates in the posted comments) according to this website, Chesca Potter released all her images of the Greenwood to anyone who would like to make non-commercial copies for themselves. The link below contains a link to the images, as well as a 'book' by Potter describing all the cards and their meanings.

From the website:

"Greenwood images according to the Artist

Sadly Chesca Potter, the creator of the images of the Greenwood Tarot no longer maintains her website and so her own self written on line deck art companion book was looking for a new home. I can provide that here and at the same time ensuring Chesca’s anonymity.

All images shown here are under copyright by Chesca Potter.

Please enjoy – with her blessing"

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