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 Posted: Sun Oct 27th, 2019 11:16 am
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Hi OnePotato,
Thanks for the helpful reply. It must have been incredibly time-consuming to print a full deck! Do you know if there's any information about the standard number of decks printed for an edition?

On a practical level, do you think they would have printed multiple copies of a single card with one colour and then added the extra colours to all those copies, or would they have worked literally on one card at a time? Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb, but I'm trying to imagine the production process.

Do you think that the lithographic stone used would just hold the image of a single card or would it have, for example, all the major arcana?

You mention a 'red plate'. Does that mean there are multiple stones for each card, each adding different details in different inks, with the cross-hatching (on the Empress) added later, obviously, than the lemony yellow colour for her face?

Oh, another question: is there any sequence for the addition of colours? Do you start with light tones and add progressively dark, or the other way round? Just curious :)

Thanks for such interesting information!
All best,

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