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 Posted: Mon Aug 19th, 2019 11:33 am
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I'm really chuffed to have just aquired the Tarot Caro, by French artist Marc Caro, one of nine in a series of bizarre outsider-art tarot decks from French publisher, Le Dernier Cri.
The artwork is big, bold, bright and vigorous, beautifully silkscreen printed on equally large 200x125mm cards, presented in a simple, but elegant folder.
Compared with some of the other Le Dernier Cri decks, Tarot Caro's imagery is quite traditional, adhering pretty much to the TdM cannon. Whereas others can only be described as challenging, not for the faint hearted, sexually explicit, deviant and/or just down right repugnant.
Nevertheless, I'm keen to procure the full set and I'm eagerly seeking the following 3 decks. If any of you care to part with them please send me a message.

Tarot del mal Rollo by Olaf Ladousse

Tarot De Marseilles VĂ©ritable by Cecilien Freakowsy

Tarot De Mars by Faucompré Quentin

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