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 Posted: Fri Jul 26th, 2019 12:15 am
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Hi, all!

I have a constantly-updated Google doc of all my decks, with photos, here:

I don't have many decks (about 45 total), but I think many of the ones i have are interesting and unique! Here are some highlights:

My favorites:
- Sakki-Sakki
- Rider-Waite obvs (Universal RWS)
- The Minotarot (my holy grail deck!)
- Celestial Stick Figures
- Swietlistej Drogi (Radiant Light) Tarot
- Alternate Realities Lenormand

Some more:
- Brady tarot
- BruT by Uusi
- Etruria Minchiate, Lo Scarabeo 1996 edition
- Claude Burdel (1751) Marseilles
- Claude Rochias (1754) Marseilles (both by Yves Reynaud, and I may only own the Rochias because I ordered it by mistake from the French website while trying to order the Burdel *whistles* )
- Dark Mansion tarot
- Haindl
- Hermetic
- Hirajeta
- Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer, Dark Crystal Rose edition
- Jugendstil Tarot (2013 Japanese reprint)
- Silhouettes Tarot, 2nd edition
- Slow Holler (1st ed)
- The Tarot of the Boroughs
- Trionfi della Luna, 2nd edition
- True Black

Plus a few more, and more pre-ordered which you can see at my doc! :) Thanks for looking!

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