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 Posted: Fri Jul 19th, 2019 06:44 pm
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I totally have a weakness for Pasino's cards...

I actually bought that pair of miniature woodcut decks from 1981.
And I also bought the Tarot Moretti, later in the sale.
(I had to hold off bidding on several other things because I was saving the budget to make sure I got it.)

Tarot Moretti has been near the top of my most-wanted list for more than 10 years now.
A while back a guy I know was selling his huge collection, and I tried to buy it off his list, but then he couldn't find it and decided it must have already been sold months earlier.
Then a few years later, I won the bidding on ebay, and paid the bill, only to have the seller refund my payment & tell me they got a better offer and sold it to someone else instead of me.
I recently saw another copy for sale, so I made what I thought was a decent offer, but it was turned down. I've been thinking about going back and just paying their asking, but this one came up and I nabbed it instead.

So thanks for offering to post photos, but I think I can just wait for my package.
(Now I just hope it doesn't get lost in the mail....)

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