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 Posted: Thu Jul 18th, 2019 03:17 pm
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I JUST made it in at the very last moment.
I discovered the sale a day and a half before, and had to wait for registration to clear on both the bidding site & with the auction house.
They approved me for bidding just as the sale started.

A few of the best things did ok, but it was kind of sad to see so many things fail to sell, or sell for so little.
I regret letting a couple of the old decks go, but there wasn't time to request additional photos, and I wasn't comfortable going too high without seeing more than just two or three random sample card images.

I suppose Madragore is pretty rare, at least here in the US, as I've only ever seen the trial proof, and nobody I know has it. (But then EVERYTHING turns up eventually, if you are persistent enough....)

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