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 Posted: Wed May 1st, 2019 06:59 pm
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Hi All,
I've just received a set of Jean Chaboseau's Le Tarot Traditionnel, apparently from 1948. The cards are in pretty good condition, except for the fact that the original owner appears to have been pretty dim ... they've written all over the cards and I can't believe the number of times they've had to correct the card number they've added to a card. Seriously, how difficult is it to memorise the sequence(s) of the major arcana?

I really need to spend time analysing the deck. The pentacles are fascinating as they include far more sophisticated alchemical symbols than most alchemy-related decks - The 4 of Pentacles/Quatre Deniers, for example, includes the symbols for Aqua Fortis (nitric acid) and Aqua Regia (nitric acid and hydrochloric acid)!

Anyway, one thing I notice is that the card back I have is different from the only copy I can see online, on Aeclectic:

I have no idea how many print runs there were, but would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts. If Mr La-Luna sees this, I'd very much like to discover what design is on the back of his deck.

I'm added two files, the first the back of my copy, the second that posted on Aeclectic.

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