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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2018 05:12 pm
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an exquisite series of 78 linocut cards.

the deck is nature themed and as Rachel Pollack says, this is in her estimation and mine as well, quite possibly the finest of all the nature themed Tarots currently circulating.

It's a limited first edition, cards are gold edged and very tastefully so, the gold she selected is a lovely pastel gold that is almost "powdery" in it's appearance.

the card stock is substantial and the lovely clay finish (I think that is the correct term but correct me if I'm wrong) is a delight to handle.

The booklet is as aesthetically pleasing as the deck itself and is quite informative without being overbearing.

Just be aware that the artist statement says that 79 linocuts were created which led me to believe that I had a card missing, however Ms Brady clarified to say that 79 linocuts were created which includes the card back.

the cards are contained in a lovey laser engraved bamboo wood box that is very neatly designed,

The artwork is superlative and I highly recommend this deck to any collector with a discerning eye. This woman is a genius.

You should take a look at the art installation on her webpage that features her Pratt Institute MFA thesis show, 2011.

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