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 Posted: Fri Sep 21st, 2018 09:37 pm
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Yeah...long shot but I'm looking for the Pen Tarot by Penelope Cline and the Ironwing Tarot by Lorena B. Moore.

I'd prefer to trade for them or at least a combination of sale and trade (e.g. 1 deck + $100 for your Pen or Ironwing)

I'm located in the US. Smoke free pet free home. Below is a list of some (not ALL, so please message me for FULL list) of the decks I have available for trade. :hp

Alice Tarot
Amanda Palmer Tarot
Ananda Tarot Set (English)
Bert Bakker Tarot (black & white)
Bohemian Gothic Tarot Kit (1st ed.)
Buddha Tarot by Robert M. Place
Dali Universal Tarot Set (English book)
Eutherapie Gringonneur
Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt
Fairytale Tarot (w/ book) Baba Studios
il Tarocco di Sissi by Amerigo Folchi
I Tarocchi di Valentina Visconti
Light Visions Tarot (1st ed. Of 500 copies)
Liminal Tarot by Penelope Cline
Millennium Tarot by Amerigo Folchi
Millenium Tarot: The Tarot of the Four Worlds
Mountain Dream Tarot (2nd ed 2001)
Nusantara Tarot (2nd ed)
Rosetta Tarot (1st ed.)
Tarocchi del Re Sole
Tarocchi Di Andrea Picini
Tarocchi Di Luigina Monteu-Gina
Tarocco del Carnevale di Venezia by Amerigo Folchi
Tarocco Della Felicita by Amerigo Folchi
Tarot des Mages
Tarot of the Curious East by Lynyrd Narciso
Traces Tarot by Eric Provoost
Vintage Etteilla c.1890
Vintage RWS no © Samuel Weiser ed.
Whispering Tarot w/book by Elizabeth Hazel

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