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 Posted: Fri Aug 24th, 2018 05:50 am
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Hello to you all!

First, a big thank you to Adam for allowing me to join your community! And to the Gatekeeper for all of the assistance and info! Gratitude!

Second, to business. I have a small collection of Tarot that I am selling and wanted to list them here for any appreciative collectors that may wish to purchase them. They are listed as follows:

- Minotarot #385 /2000 ( 1982 Eric Provost )

- The New Tarot ( 1974 Jack Hurley and John Horler )

- XultĂșn Tarot ( 1976 Arcana )

- The Royal Fez Moroccan ( 1975 AGM / USGS )

- Brotherhood of Light ( 1964 Church of Light )

- Cards of Changes, I Ching ( Unknown Year, Merrimack )

- The Medieval Scapini Tarot ( 1985 AGM / USGS )

- The Golden Dawn Tarot ( 1978 USGS )

- The Native American Tarot ( 1982 USGS )

- Cagliostro ( 1981 USGS )

- Egipcios Kier ( 1984 USGS )

- Stairs of Gold ( 1979 USGS )

- Ukiyoe Tarot ( 1983 USGS )

- Karma Tarot ( 1983 USGS )

- Albano-Waite Mini ( 1989 USGS )

- Tree of Life ( 1983 AGM )

- Motherpeace Round Tarot ( 1983 USGS )

- Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot ( 1983 USGS )

- Zolar's New Astrological ( 1965 )

- Zolar's Astrological ( 1983 USGS )

- Solleone Tarot ( 1983 USGS )

For the sake of convenience and expediency, I have place the pictures of each deck in a shared folder on my google drive. I have separated the pictures for each deck into its own folder. Below is the link for the parent folder so you may view any and all decks should you wish.

A few notes about the pictures:

I took pictures of each side of the box. If there was any specific damage to the box, I made sure to get a close up of it.

Of the cards, I took pictures of a sample of cards to give you a sense of the card condition and of the artwork and style. If there were any unique cards in the deck such as story cards or instruction cards, I photographed them individually. If there was any specific damage to the cards, I made sure to get a close up of it.

Tomorrow ( 2018/08/24 ), I will transcribe my research notes as well as in depth descriptions of each deck into a text file that I will upload to the deck folders.

If you have specific requests for additional photos, please let me know.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my humble collection. I hope that you find something that you love there. If you're interested in purchasing any of the decks, I would love to chat with you! Send me a message.



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