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 Posted: Wed Dec 20th, 2017 07:00 am
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Just to say that after joining Cartomancy one of the posts there alerted me to the fact that Photobucket had pulled the dirty trick of charging $$$ for third party hosting. I flew over to Tarot History, where I have up to 100 images on over 500 posts, only to find that all the ones stored with Photobucket had been replaced with an ugly grey graphic.

So I downloaded a Photobucket file rescue app from Google Chrome (link below), retrieved my files, signed up with Imgur (easy to use and no need to download anything either) and spent two days spring cleaning my Tarot history posts.

Unfortunately posts by others quoting mine still have the nasty grey graphic, but I can't change those. Hopefully Imgur will do well and resist the temptation to 'do a photobucket' - at least for all those who joined under the 'free hosting' terms. I can cope with a few adverts on sites, but Photobucket's pages now feel like an assault.

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