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 Posted: Thu Nov 30th, 2017 06:38 am
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I did register - user name, password etc., then the screen went darker and this new large window popped up telling me to download a programme (big green download button) that changes files to PDFs. I've seen something similar on clickbait sites, so I left the page, opened Cartomancy Forum again and tried to login with the user name and password I'd submitted but got a message saying I wasn't recognised. Perhaps if I sign up to the hosting site I can access the forum...

Edited again to update. I accessed the hosting site but got a warning from McAfee that it was unsafe. I thought I'd try registering again since I still couldn't sign in and this time a slightly different closeable window popped up with a big green 'Start' button (instead of the 'Download' one). So I just closed the window and was able to access the forum - very odd. It'll mean that I won't be able to post attachments, but that's OK...

Thanks for the help gregory - hope things are well with you. :cool:

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