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 Posted: Tue Feb 14th, 2017 11:18 pm
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truelighth wrote:
I think changing the chart actually takes more work then just mentioning it. But why don't you do Judgement now, Gregory. It was already reserved for you.

I think the way to solve the problem is the following: look at what time people have posted their request on fb and on the forum. The first one (time wise), gets the card. That way there is no fb takes precedence over tcf.

Thanks truelighth. It does take more time, it's not just a quick update. There is about six steps to get a form that will work on both the forum and facebook.

I used to use the time thing, but in this instance I was still setting up everything and people were selecting cards (and complaining, or commenting). It was just timing.

As for the Judgement card, she said she didn't want it and I've already created a new listing, so there's that.

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